Barnett Buck Commander Revengeance Crossbow Review

The Barnett Buck Commander Revengeance Crossbow comes with a speed of up to 400fps. This makes it one of the fastest options from the manufacturer and one of the fastest options on the market. Since speed is not everything, it also needs to be correlated to the performance and the design. But the impressive 400fps will come with an interesting approach which will ensure good accuracy and maneuverability, even with a heavier design.


  • 400fsp speed
  • 18inch axle to axle
  • TriggerTech technology


  • 4lbs weight


If you are looking for a great design to follow the characteristics of the series and its most common technologies, then the Buck Commander can be a recommended choice. With an impressive 400fps speed it can be a great choice from both the manufacturer and from the market. Since the competition might not keep up with the high-speed performance of the series, it will bring some serious performance questions regarding Barnett’s future. The high-speed performance of the Buck Commander might just be the beginning to a new and interesting approach and it the manufacturer manages to bring the weight lower and closer to the 7lbs mark, it would be a quite remarkable experience in terms of maneuverability.


The design of the crossbow recommends it for a wide range of uses. As you would expect, the crossbow comes with the TriggerTech Frictionless Release technology. This is mainly responsible for the impressive speeds which can be reached with the crossbow and the technology is very solid. As a proof, it has been added to the series by the manufacturer as it allows users to reach performances that are very close the top speeds.

Although the conditions in which this has been tested by the manufacturer will differ and they will be close to perfection, you can still experience very high speeds and this makes the crossbow an interesting choice for many players. The major drawback of the crossbow comes with its high weight which will not be for all types of users. This being said, some users prefer the heavier weight for a more solid and anchored feel. This is where you will need to decide if this design can work for your needs.

The Barnett Buck Commander Revengeance Crossbow represents one of the most interesting options on the market. It doesn’t perform at the same level as the competition in terms of weight but it makes up for this in terms of speed. This is why you will be able to reach speeds of nearly 400fps with the crossbow. This will mean it will become increasingly tempting to the advanced user or for the old-school user who needs proper weight to perform at the highest level. In the end, the balance of weight and performance is not the only concern of the manufacturer which needs to please all types of users. And the Buck Commander is one of those crossbows which will please those who want the top speeds with a heavier feel.


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