Benchmade 940/943 Family of Knives Review

The Benchmade 940/943 family of knives comes with a customizable design which can be one of the ultimate characteristics of the dedicated hunter. You can choose your favorite blade and this is why the 940 and the 943 are one of the most highly regarded knives on the market.


  • Steel and carbon blades
  • Rich brand heritage
  • Recognized quality
  • Aluminum handles


  • Limited usability for some users


If you are looking for a good folding pocket knife you will have to choose between some recognized and some newer models. While new models can always bring a new perspective, Benchamade`s knives have been recognized for their usability. For example, the 940 has been regarded as one of the best performing knives for over a decade.

The knives can be characterized by the premium materials which are made for the ultimate performance. These materials include premium steel for the blades. This has been a proven material which is easy to sharpen and easy to maintain.

The handles also come with versatile materials which can be made from aluminum. The material is known for its characteristics and overall lightweight proprieties. Together with the stainless steel, it represents a great option if you are looking for a durable product which is made for top performance. These combinations provide the most popular choices in the pocket knives category under the premium segment. This is why you will see all types of products made for the ultimate responsiveness


The design of the products is truly aimed at the premium segment of users who need the ultimate knives made with the best and latest technologies. This is why Benchmade uses a wide range of technologies in the manufacturing process. One of these technologies comes with the precise laser cutters. These machines can operate with tolerances of up to half of the width of the human hair. This is how the manufacturer manages to produce corrosion resistant and the best edge quality for the 940/943 family.

The Benchmade 940/943 family of knives provides a good alternative to the regular pocket alternatives on the market. With a manufacturing heritage which goes beyond a decade, it represents a recognized series of knives which can be used for multiple purposes. The good news is that the premium design of the series recommends the knives for those who want to have a top performing model for use or even as a collectible.

The series comes with some of the most popular materials for construction which include steel and carbon. This is why the knives can be recommended for those who need a model which is easy to maintain. Steel has been recognized as one of the best materials for blades for centuries. And with precision laser cutting, it is one of the best choices the manufacturer made for the series. Together with a premium handle, the knives are perfect for those who want to find a good source of recognized brands. Although you will invest more in the series, you can also expect an increased durability.


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