Benchmade Knife 585 Mini Barrage Review

The Benchmade Knife 585 Mini Barrage comes with a 2.91” blade and a weight of 96 grams. This makes the compact knife a good option for those who want to use a premium design. Its main characteristics recommend it for total use against corrosion which improves its durability. The toughness and the edge quality also represent a staple of Benchmade and is one of the main characteristics of a knife which impresses with both the materials and the quality of the construction.


  • 96 grams weight
  • Premium grade steel construction
  • Valox handle


  • Too wide for some users


The performance of the knife comes based on the ambidextrous design. This means you will be able to use the knife with both hands which can prove useful in so many situations. One innovative design comes with the Axis system which is based on two springs. It plays an important role in the integrated lock system which has been proven to be a good choice for those who want a practical and workable,


The design of the US knife is a true testament to the quality which is employed by the manufacturer. It comes as one of the best knives in terms of mechanical construction and with modern laser cutters and CNC machines, the manufacturing process offers a complete range of tools to create the ultimate finish for the knife. This is why the manufacturer works with tolerances which are also used in the aerospace industry as it crafted the knife to the ultimate precision. This precision is used across the range and it comes with tolerances of half of the human hair.

The durable and lightweight materials represent a good starting point for any knife. But the fact that the manufacturer managed to deliver the knife at a weight less than 100 grams means that you can expect a lightweight design which is perfect when you want to take it with you. The added benefit is that you can easily carry it in your pocket and you can use it for various outdoor activities from hunting to fishing. With ambidextrous thumb studs, you will be able to use the knife with both hands. This can be the case when hunting for small animals or when you need the knife for skinning. Its rounded blade recommends it for various needs which are perfect when you need improved precision.

The Benchmade Knife 585 Mini Barrage offers a well-balanced design which is made for the ultimate performance. This means you`ll have the ability to work with a design which is made with high precision which amazing CNC machinery and precision laser cutting. The laser technologies in the manufacturing process are so precise they resemble the ones in the aviation industry. This is why you will want to use the knife only for precision and these situations might not occur that often. This is why the knife is best addressed to the dedicated user who not only needs a precise design but also knows how to take care of the blade.


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