Best Compound Bow Reviews

Best Compound Bow for Deer Hunting

First developed in 1966, the compound bow comes to ensure an improved user experience. This ensures the user will need less force to  achieve the results needed with a bow and this is based on the innovative design. This design works by using pulleys or cams to bend the ends of the bow. This creates the physical advantage needed to exert less force when the bow is drawn.  We dive into the Best Compound Bow in this article.

Top Reasons to Choose a Compound Bow

Many users believe that compound bows are superior to traditional alternatives both for tournaments and for hunting purposes.

Less Strength Needed

If you are looking to use a bow but don’t have the needed strength to maintain the drawn position for a few seconds, then the compound alternative is a good choice. This is why many women use similar designs but they can even be used by children in fun activities and days spent outdoors.


Durability is one of the key advantages of compound bows. They can be made from materials which are not influenced by humidity and rain and this is why they can be a good solution on the long-term. Traditional wooden bows are much more sensible and require more care and a precision which can be hard to achieve by the average user. This is why compound bows can represent a solid option if you want to invest in a good hunting tool and you don’t want to replace it every year. This will also prove a solid advantage when you factor the reduced strength which is needed with these bows, which in the long term can provide the pleasurable experience so many users are looking for.

Top 6 Compound Bows (Overall)

① Bowtech Reign 7 RH 70

compound bow for saleThe BOWTECH Reign 7 RH 70 represents one of the popular options on the market from one of the top manufacturers in the bow industry. It is made for a superior experience and can be considered among the recommended options when it comes to a smooth experience with good forgiveness. Balanced to a high standard, the bow will prove to be easy to use without sacrificing a top performance.


  • Smooth draw
  • PowerShift technology
  • Binary cams
  • 7” brace height


  • Not for beginners

The compound bow represents a good overall option which can show its true potential with a skilled user. It comes with a 7” brace height which is at the core of its smooth draw experience. Even more, it will prove to be a great option when it comes to a top performance as it will be able to achieve up to 340 feet per second under the best conditions.

② Mathews Halon 32

The Mathews Halon 32 is the long version of the much acclaimed Halon design. With impressive speed, it will deliver 350fps placing it among the top options for this purpose. Even more, it will prove to be a great solution when it comes to a robust design which is also silent. This is where the Harmonic Damper will prove to be a great solution and it will represent a great choice for many users.


  • Cosscentric Cam
  • Harmonic Damper
  • Smooth draw


  • Top speed difficult to reach

The bow represents one of the great solutions when it comes to speed, draw and stabilization. This makes it a smooth performer which can, in theory, reach speeds of up to 350fps. But this will only happen in the perfect conditions. With Crosscentric cam design and AVS technology, it will provide an experience similar to the popular Halon.

③ PSE Archery Evolve 31 Compound Bow

The PSE Archery Evolve 31 Compound Bow is one of the most comfortable options from the manufacturer. Part of this comfort is based on the Evolve Cam System the forged riser design. This design will prove useful when it comes to stiffness and stability as it will create the platform you need when you will look for one of the most comfortable options in its segment. In terms of speed, you will be able to reach 346fps which places it among the very best options on the market and which also makes it a versatile solution.


  • 346fps top speed
  • Forged riser design
  • Comfortable experience


  • Expensive for beginners

The bow will prove to be a top solution when it comes to a modern design. It will even represent a dedicated option for users who place comfort above everything else. But it will still manage to get close to the 350fps mark, making it a good option for the dedicated hunter.

④ Xpedition Xcursion 6

The Xpedition Xcursion 6 is one of the modern options which comes with a weight of just 3.9lbs. With added speed, it will be an updated that will trigger many hunters and can thus represent a great solution for a versatile use. Its top speed will thus come with an impressive 358fps which recommend it among the top performers on the list from this perspective, especially since it will be backed by a low weight design.


  • 358fps top speed
  • 9lbs weight
  • 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 draw speed


  • May not worth the upgrade for some users

The compound bow comes with a smooth experience and being based on such a lightweight design, it will produce impressive results. The manufacturer managed to update its speed capabilities to an impressive 358fps. This combination will make it a top solution for many users who prefer this type of aggressive approaches.

⑤ Hoyt Pro Defiant

The Hoyt Pro Defiant will be a good choice for the average user. With a weight of 4.2lbs, it will not be the lightest recommendation but it will prove to be an impressive option when it comes to a modern design. With 7” brace height, the bow will also feature rotating cam models which will be at the base of a smooth experience without having to worry about replacements.


  • 7” brace height
  • 2lbs weight
  • Rotating cam modules


  • 331fps to speed

The bow can be a good option for the average hunter. It will come with a silent design at the arrow which will allow a great hunting experience. At the same time, it will not come with the fastest speeds but this can make it a recommended solution for the users who prefer a more laid-back approach. With a reduced weight, it will also prove to be a great option for the modern user.

⑥ Bear Archery Moment Compound Bow

With a 31” axle to axle length, the Bear Archery Moment Compound Bow will prove to be a recommended solution when it comes to a good overall performance. Even more, it will represent a smooth performer. When it comes to speed, it will deliver performances of up to 341fps which places it among the average solutions within its range.


  • 31” axle to axle
  • 341fps speed
  • Smooth draw


  • No color options

The bow thus represents a simple option which can come with a modern approach. It is a recommended option for the users who don’t need to most impressive speeds and who want a simple and efficient performer. With a draw weight between 55 and 70lbs, it will be a great solution when it comes to a modern and efficient use.

Top 4 “BEST BUYS” Compound Bows

Top 4 Compound Bows

Martin Archery B709MO70R Featherweight Bow - TOP PICK4.1 out of 5 stars
Bear Archery Br33 Rh 7023.9 out of 5 stars
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro3.8 out of 5 stars
SAS Destroyer 70lbs Compound Bow3.6 out of 5 stars

① Martin Archery B709MO70R Featherweight Bow

The Martin Archery B709MO70R Featherweight Bow comes with a draw weight between 55 and 70lbs and can be considered a good option considering its alternatives. With a top speed of 340fps, it will not be the fastest option on the market. But considering its affordability, it will prove to be a great solution for many users.


  • Vibration-free
  • Mossy Oak Infinity camo design
  • 340fps speed


  • Not for the advanced user

The bow will prove to be a great option to start with a modern design. Its efficient approach recommends it among the top solutions on the market within its range. Even more, it will come with a good draw weight which will also make it a versatile option for many users looking to perform in different environments.

② Bear Archery Br33 Rh 70

The Bear Archery Br33 Rh 70 represents a good option for beginners. It will come with a top speed of 330fps and a solid construction which will recommend it among the future-proof options on the list. The bow will come with aluminum riser technology and it will also feature the EAZ Hybrid technology. The technology will be a good solution when it comes to a smooth draw cycle, even at this level.


  • EAZ Hybrid technology
  • Smooth draw
  • Advanced aluminum riser


  • Not the fastest option

The compound bow will prove to be a durable solution and one of the top picks for beginners. It will stand out when it comes to the ease of use. Even if it doesn’t come with an impressive top speed, the bow will deliver an impressive performance both in terms of quiet performance and in terms of draw smoothness.

③ Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro comes with a 31” axle to axle length. It will also come as a package which is perfect for beginners. You will thus also get a 3-pin tundra sight, an arrow rest, an octane quiver and even a comfort wrist sling. Thus, with an affordable price, you will get to use an affordable package.


  • Great starter kit
  • Affordability
  • Balanced performance


  • Not for the advanced user

If you are looking for a package deal, the Infinite Edge Pro will prove to be a good choice. It will even work among the recommended options when it comes to a modern design and with an approach that focuses on getting started as soon as possible, it will prove to be a great kit for many new users or for those who want a reduced hassle with good affordability.

④ SAS Destroyer 70lbs Compound Bow

best hunting compound bowThe SAS Destroyer 70lbs Compound Bow is another great option for beginners. It comes with a draw weight which ranges between 19 and 70lbs, making it a versatile option and a great learner solution. Even more, with a weight of just 3.8lbs, it will prove to be a comfortable option for many users as it will allow you to control it better, especially as a beginner.


  • 19 to 70lbs draw weight
  • 9lbs total weight
  • Good for beginners


  • Not best for speed

With a top speed of 320lbs, it will be one of the slower performers. On the other hand, this will allow it to be considered among the right options for the users who simply want to experience a beginner’s solution. For this purpose, it will prove to be a great solution. When it comes to maneuverability, it will impress with its reduced overall weight.

Top 4 Compound Bows

Martin Archery B709MO70R Featherweight Bow - TOP PICK4.1 out of 5 stars
Bear Archery Br33 Rh 7023.9 out of 5 stars
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro3.8 out of 5 stars
SAS Destroyer 70lbs Compound Bow3.6 out of 5 stars

Types of Compound Bows

When it comes to choosing the right type of bow, you will want to ensure you find the best design which works for your situation. There are a few bows to choose from and the good news is that they all come with significant advantages which give them the custom experience needed for the top performance.

Single cam bows have the cam at the bottom while the double cam bows have two cams, one at each end of the bow. It must be said that neither design is the best. Maybe in the past, the two cam design was considered superior. But with modern technologies, major manufacturers have managed to produce top quality bows for each design.

Top Features in a Compound Bow

When you are trying to purchase your first compound bow, you will have to go over a few characteristics which will determine the right model for your needs. This means that you`ll have to choose the best size, the best weight and even the best solution for vibration management. Here are the top things you need to consider:

Axle Length

The axle length refers to the total length from axle to axle. The range can vary and the truth is that you will need to see what works best for you. In the modern times, the major manufacturers have started producing shorter bows which are much easier to use. The day of 36-inch axles are behind us and many users will choose a design within the 33-34 inch limit. This has a lot to do with forgiveness as the wider the opening angle of the axle the better you will perform with unprecise tries.

Draw Length

The draw might be one of the most important characteristics of compound bows. This is based on the fact that even different brace heights or axle lengths can make a huge difference when it comes to you actually achieving the best possible draw. This plays an important role in the archery experience and it has to be considered among the top characteristics of a compound bow.

The draw length is one of the main reasons you will want to experience a smooth performer out in the wilderness. You don’t want to scare the animal away and this is why you will need a draw which allows you to maintain your cool and balance power with the smoothest experience. A top performer comes with an interesting characteristic which is often overlooked by many archers.

There are hunting situations when you need to maintain draw and this will be the case when you are waiting for the perfect moment for maximum visibility. But in many cases, you will need to do the opposite and slip the string back into position when you won’t be able to hold it anymore. This process needs to be as smooth and as quiet as the draw and this is why you’ll need to maximize your usability by following this crucial performance indicator.

Brace Height

The brace height represents the distance from the string to the risers. This means the shorter your brace height the higher the speed of the arrow will be. The further the brace height from the riser to the string, the more forgiving experience you will have with the bow.

Another trend which has been set by the latest developments on the market means that the speed of the arrow has been steadily increasing over the past years. It will not be unusual to see arrow speeds of 310 feet up to 350 feet per second.

The truth is that you will not need the fastest performers which come with a brace height of over 5 inches and this is where you can even tone the best performers down a few levels. This is due to the fact that most brands on the market are actually using the maximum draw to establish their speeds and this is just not feasible for most archers.

Bow Weight

Bow weight can be a crucial indicator but only in certain situations. When you use a bow for recreation, you can always put it down to relax your hands.

It will be in other situations such as hunting that the weight of the bow will play an essential role. This is why you will need to maximize your strength and look for a bow which is light enough to perform at your level but also strong enough to offer the top results you are looking for.

One thing to consider is that light bows will come with increased vibrations. At the same time, they will be easy to carry in various situations where you might be hunting in the woods. They will be easy to move around for hours at a time but the main disadvantage comes with the increased vibrations such a light design comes with.

On the other hand, the heavy compound bows will represent a good option if you want to minimize vibrations. These might be a good option when you are trying to improve your skills. But at the same time, heavier bows will make less noise due to the reduced vibrations and they can be a great hunting choice in certain situations. You will have to decide which characteristic is most important to you and this will establish the perfect weight for the best compound bow you can use.

The overall weight is not to be confused with the draw weight. This is a weight which is aimed at calculating the force needed to make a full draw.

Top Reasons to Choose a Compound Bow

When it comes to choosing a compound bow, there are a few good reasons which might make this special design the way to go both for recreation and for hunting purposes. Here are the top reasons to choose a compound bow:

It Teaches Patience

Patience can be hard to teach with our modern lifestyles. The good news is that a modern compound bow can teach your patience in a unique way which also enhances focus and precision. Needless to say, this can be a great tool for parents who want to teach their kids how to perform at the highest level with the best patience possible and using a bow is one of the top ways to achieve this.

Sourcing Food

If you plan to go hunting, there are no tools that can actually compare to a compound bow. This means that you will have the possibility of using such a bow for a wide range of hunting situations. The best news is that this can come with a custom experience which will make every person find a bow which will work for them. Thus, men can choose their high-speed bows which are perfect for the top performance. Women can choose smaller bows which will also perform well but are easier to hold. The kids can also use a compound bow which is made for their size and strength and this brings us to the next top reasons to choose a compound bow.

Teaching Kids Safety

There is not a lot of training when it comes to weapons safety with kids. The good news is that the compound bow comes with the right combination of performance and a simple design which kids can understand. From here to taking the right safety steps there’s a short road. This is where you can take the opportunity to teach your kids how to use such a bow.

You will be able to find a practice bow or even use a real compound bow to teach kids the importance of safety while out on an archery day. The good news is that the sport can even be practiced indoors and you can do this during all seasons.

Improve Coordination

A physically demanding compound bow is the perfect solution to improve hand-eye coordination. This is the time for you to start using the bow to its maximum potential and improve your pulling muscles and the coordination needed for the top performance. Thus, you will improve the muscles in your hands and shoulders while working with a considerable draw weight and these need to be done with maximum coordination.

The coordination plays an important role in reducing noise and vibration which is when you will need to find the best solution for every situation, especially when out hunting where even the slightest noise can scare the animal away. This is why a compound bow is such a great alternative for minimizing the noise in many situations.

How to Use a Compound Bow

Shooting a compound bow is not complicated. But if you don’t know how to do it you will not know how to choose the best model for yourself. This is why you need to understand the basic of the bow before trying to choose a model which will enhance performance.

Placing the arrow can be one of the first things you will do with the bow. The good news is that this is not too complicated and it even comes with a sound. When you place the arrow against the string you will need to push it back until it makes a clicking sound. When you hear this sound you will know the arrow is in place.

For the next, step you will need to put the arrow in the rest. The rest comes with a locked position which you will need to perform. The next step comes with the release and you will have to pull the arrow back. This process may not be that easy for the first time users. Compound bows require some force to properly use. A great tip here is to use both your shoulders to pull the string. If you only use your right hand it will be difficult to achieve a full pull.

The physics of the pulling means that you can help yourself even by a small percentage but which is enough to achieve the full movement. This means you will need to also activate the left shoulder and perform the pulling movement away from the string. So you are not trying to pull the bow away from the shoulder with the left hand and the arrow back as much as possible with the right hand. Another top tip comes with the angle of the pulling. Many users tend to pull with the arrow facing the ground. Others prefer a leveled pulling.

But in the case you need to pull the bow with the arrow facing upwards, it means the bow can be too heavy for you. In these situations, you can use a smaller bow which might be easier to use. You will then need to find a good anchor point. For this purpose, there is no defined rule on where this should be.

You can experiment with an anchor close to the ear or close to the nose. One thing you’ll need to follow is to have a consistent anchor. This means that if you decide to use the nose as the anchor point you should consistently do this. And the good news is that this represents a good solution if you want to improve your shots and the accuracy that comes with them. It will be impossible to do this without this step, especially for beginners which need certain guiding lines for the best performance.

The following step involves finding the peep hole. Then you will have to find the best lineup level and it needs to be based on a good grip. You don’t need to grip the bow hard as you can just push it away from you.

One good tip is to keep your left hand slightly bent which means you can avoid the situation where the string hits your hand. You can now try different release techniques and the good news is that this doesn’t have to come with the most rigidity from your pulling finger as you can actually try a softer release.

What to Look For With Your Purchase

Now that you know how a bow works and how to use one, you will have to learn what to look for with your purchase. There are a few variables which will make your decision a great choice and they include:


There are many compound bow manufacturers on the market but you will have to find the right one for your liking. This means that you will need to find a good design, good materials, actual warranty and so on. But the largest manufacturers are known for their quality work which works for most users. Smaller manufacturers might also have interesting designs and in many cases, they can offer a different approach to help them stand out, especially at the beginning.

The key is to find the weight you want to have with the bow and try looking for different manufacturers which offer the bow you need in the parameters. Weight will also be determined by the arch length and this is why you will need to balance this together with weight to find the best solution for your situation.


If you are looking for the best compound bow, there are a few factors which can influence the purchase and the price is one of them. This is increasingly important if you are new to arching and need to buy additional equipment.

It is always a good idea to check the market first to see where prices are at the time you are planning the purchase and then you can always set the right budget for the bow and for all the accessories you will need to start using it.


If you live out in the country you might be planning to use a compound bow for a great activity together with the family. While this is a great idea, it may not be feasible for every family member. This is why you can start by looking for a smaller compound bow for women and for a kids’ version as well.

The good news is that you may even be lucky and find some great deals if you decide to purchase them together. You should also keep in mind that you may have to purchase additional accessories and you may even want to get a few practice targets to get everyone started.


There are different materials and material combination which are used by the major manufacturers to provide the top performing compound bows. The good news is that you can find affordable bows with good materials. But at the same time, the fine-tuned bows will also come with more expensive materials which usually have a great combination of vibration control and top performance.

And you will see this with very fast bows which come with a reduced noise as this is the case when vibrations are minimized to a great degree. The good news is that the average user doesn’t need this top end performer and can use a mid-range option for all types of purposes. The 33 inch arch is perfect for the average user but you will have to try yourself and see what type of size and materials work best for you.

Finding the best compound bow may not be as easy as many people think, especially when you are a beginner. The good news is that this will be possible when you know what to look for and when you will understand the basic principles of the bow. The axle length is a good starting point and you can move on to find the design and the manufacturer you like with the right length in mind.

Even more, you will be able to come as close as possible to your top performance only by using the best size for your strength and height. The brace height is an important characteristic which influences the top speed of the arrow. This is where you can save some extra money by not going for the top performers as, in most cases, you will not need to go beyond the 310 feet mark.

Most users can use this mark as a general recommendation but if you want to try a faster option feel free to do so.  You’ll just have to keep in mind that the top speeds advertised by the manufacturers may not be as easy to reproduce in the real world.