What are the Top Mineral Attractants for Whitetail Deer?

If you are a deer hunter, then you probably are not new to the long waiting periods for the game. Since they operate with nature, you may not always have deer coming through your desired hunting spot. So, what do you do? Enticing them with an attractant could be an ideal way to get them close and busy.

Attractants help get a quick and clean shot and are one of the reasons why most hunters like using them. They are a great addition to your hunting equipment if you hope for more ethical killing, spending less time, and increasing your success chances.

So, how do they work? Attractants have scents and flavors that deer may find attractive. Since they can sniff scent from a long distance, chances are that they will be drawn to where you have set the food, and help themselves to it. Better-tasting brands can attract more game and for longer durations. 

There are more factors, however, that you may want to consider when using an attractant. Some include how long they can last you for, mating seasons (which are ideal), and ridding human scent. We will look at these among more, in-depth, in later sections of this article.

First, however, why don’t we have a look at some of the top products that are available? Choosing the best brand can be confusing; each product almost always has something special or unique to offer. How do you ensure that you walk away with only what works best for you? Let’s check out our list:

Whitetail Institute

 Based on customer feedback, you may come to love this deer attractant for its benefits. First, is its formula and components. You will find that it features vitamins A, D, and E. This attractant also contains trace and essential macro minerals, which have been formulated for deer.

If you are thinking about the deer’s growth, then you may be happy with the Whitetail Institute. This is because it is great for pregnant and lactating does, and also enhances the development of horns in adult deer. If you are hoping to watch them grow healthy and strong, then this could be how.

This formula is quite enticing, and you may find it to be best for use in ground sites. Your hunting experience should change upon this addition, following how it can boost your chances of success. Some states may, nonetheless, take it for bait, so it would be good to be conversant with local game laws first.

One of the notable setbacks with this product is its price. Not many people are happy with it. Despite the benefits, therefore, this is one of the conditions that could make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. All in all, the Whitetail Institute is a great product, with lots of benefits for deer.


  • Easy to use
  • Promotes pregnancy and lactation (does)
  • Quite enticing


  • Pricey

Sugarbeet Crush

This product has had happy customers over the years, most reporting positive results and a scrumptious deer meal. What are some of the things that you may like about this product? Its ingredients are some of the best, making them great attractants, and taking them up our list.

Deer love sugar beets, which you may find to be quite rare due to their seasonal and regional growths. The Sugarbeet Crush, as the name suggests, contains sugar beets along with roasted soybeans. Deer may love this product, and so may you. There is more to the Sugarbeet Crush, nevertheless.

You may find these attractants to be ideal for use with longer durations of up to days. If you hope to be chasing down a days’ target, then these could be a great addition to your hunting equipment. You should, however, be watchful of hogs around your ideal spot, since they may leave nothing behind for your deer.

A notable setback is with this product’s durability period. It would be great if it lasted longer than a few days before developing molds. You may also not find it as enticing to all deer types, which could be a disappointment. That aside, you may find this product to be great.


  • Ready to use right 
  • Nutritional for deer
  • Effective luring 
  • Easy to use


  • Might discourage off blacktail deer
  • Short durability period

Nationwide Scents 

If you are looking for the best product for your money, then you should not look far beyond the Nationwide Scents. Most happy customers have applauded its effectiveness and great customer service. What does Nationwide Scents have to offer? 

This product features a collection of 600 whitetail deer urine. The urine’s fresh nature takes this product up the ladder, with its closest scent replica of deer sourcing from the ideal peak estrus. You may thus find this product to be great for deer luring and in scent drags and mock scrapes.

Generally, if you are looking for value for your money, then you could get it with this product. It features a state-of-the-art urine collection, which guarantees that the urine is fresh. You may find it to be a great addition to your hunting effective thanks to their effective luring.

The positive feedback on this product are encouraging; however, customers noted some setbacks. One of them is the spray head attachment. Since it is not included, you may not face some difficulty using the product. Another is with the leaking packaging.


  • Easy to carry
  • Safe
  • Outstanding customer service 
  • Effective luring


  • Reports of leaking package
  • Might discourage off some deer

Persimmon Crush 

This product has been regarded by happy customers to be one of the best deer feeder attractants, for its effectiveness. You may find that deer will develop an instant licking and consume it largely, if not whole. Some, however, did not report the same results. Let us find out what it has to offer.

Most customers who reported positive feedback loved the ingredients used in the Persimmon Crush. The product contains high protein, carbohydrates, and also persimmons. Deer may thus, hardly resist this. What is more to it is the long-range scent with increased distance and speed, thanks to the product’s Airborne Technology. 

You may love this product if you enjoy watching deer or would like to take camera trail photos. It is also great for the scarce native browse in late season. Why all this is because besides attracting deer, this formula will keep them busy for some time.

A notable setback with this product is that not all deer may find it enticing. It would be great if the formula could be irresistible to more if not all deer. Nevertheless, this product by Wildgame Innovations is a finely-sifted, double screened attractant that may serve you well.


  • Best for late season
  • Stronger scent
  • Beneficial to deer


  • Some customers did not find it enticing


From happy and satisfied customer feedback, this product was found to be one of the best mineral attractant and a pretty easy formula to use. While some customers reported positive results on a regular basis, others did not. Let us find out more.

You may find the TROPHY ROCK attractant to have some unique features, one being its mineral supplement, which is all-natural. This promotes healthy deer, thanks to the electrolytes and essential minerals that the attractants supply to deer. Place the formula on a trail and they will help themselves to a healthy feed.

Are you a hunter and have been looking for the best shot with an attractant? Then this could be the product for you. Since it is great for trail shots, you can make great shots with the formula on an accessible point to deer. You should, nonetheless, be watchful of local game laws, following some state-restrictions on scents, supplies, or game feeders.

A notable setback with TROPHY ROCK is its formula. While some customers found it to be great, there are those that did not record similar results with other deer. It could, perhaps, make a huge difference if the minerals were more enticing. Nonetheless, this is a quality product with at least 65 trace minerals and also mined sea salt.


  • Long durability period
  • Easy to use
  • Beneficial to deer


  • Some customers did not find it enticing

You are out deer hunting and hope for the best results; where do you begin? Besides getting yourself packed up with the right gear and hunting equipment, you may come to find attractants to be an amazing addition to your hunting.

How do they work? You may be crouched all day in your ideal position, camouflaged on a tree, or using a deer stand to wait out your game. How certain are you about its trail and that the buck will pass through anytime soon? There is hardly ever any such guarantee because of the “nature” factor.

Deer are attracted by varied things. Most of all, they can be unpredictable in movement. One of the surest ways to lure them through your ideal spot without having to wait all day is using deer attractants. From the name, they are used to draw deer for among other reasons, trail tracking.

If you are hoping to get a good idea of the trail your game would often use, then an attractant may over time lead you to your prize. Because of the formula they contain, these attractants may smell and even taste delicious to the deer, making them come for more.

You may also be hoping to grant a more ethical kill. How do you achieve this? There are two ways. Your desired deer may not have attained the strength and flesh you are hoping for it; some of these attractants have nutritional value. During the early hunting season, you can start serving them to some of it.

Over time, you may find the best chance to take him down. Here is where you may have to think about the other way to achieve an ethical kill—baiting. You may find that you will have enough time to take a perfect shot when you bait your game using attractants.

When you are out hunting, you may find deer attractants to be useful/handy. How do you ensure that you choose the best; rather, what makes a good deer attractant product? Let us have a look at some of the factors that may affect your choice of purchase.

One would be the scent and flavor. When purchasing these attractants, you may want to consider how they taste and smell. Your game will find some scents to be attractive, and others to be deterring. Some flavors may be quite tempting, while others may be too regular for them to qualify as special.

Choosing the best combination of scent and flavor may guarantee higher chances of success. Here, you may want to consider both the season in which you will be hunting and the size/texture of the foods which you are thinking of luring the deer out with. Depending on the additives, you may get varied results.

The most ideal scents have the ability to draw your deer out from as far as it will be; if it is strong enough, then it should serve you on a more regular basis. This would be the case with block attractants. During mating season, you may find doe urine to be an ideal additive to attractants.

Having mentioned the duration that the scent or flavor will last, you may want to consider your hunting consistency and needs. If you hope to be out there for a while, whether on a regular or timed basis, then longer-lasting scents may be more ideal. This means blocks over sprays.

Having mentioned the duration which some of these attractants last for, why don’t we briefly discuss what each duration would mean to your hunting. Attractants that can last long can see you through up to an year, while those like sprays are good for only daily use.

Why so? Are there any determinants? It would depend on the deer’s consumption. If it is food, that will mean how fast it gets depleted. Blocks can serve you longer because they are generally consumed slower. To save on money and trouble, go for ideal blocks.

Now, the human scent is not something you may want to have around your hunting space. Deer have the ability to sniff you out. If they get a whiff of human scent or anything that does not smell as natural as their foods, then they may be skeptic, and fail to respond to your baited call.

It is a good idea to carry flavored and good-scented food with you. Some deer may show up well to them. But however good they taste or enticing the attractants, human scent can be a bummer. You should, therefore, find a way to either mask or eliminate it, to remain fully undercover.


Is there any good to using attractants? Well, you sure would not be looking for them if they did not. These foods are a great addition to any hunting experience and could go a long way in boosting your chances of a successful hunt. Why don’t we have a look at some of the notable advantages of using them?

Ethical hunting. If you desire a more humane shot for your target deer, then you may find attractants to be a great way to achieve it. As aforementioned, baiting can help get your game close and steadier, increasing your chances of a successful kill. 

You may also be able to track their trails for better future shots. Because of their baiting nature, attractants deliver quicker and cleaner kills. If you like to consider ethical hunting, then this could be a nice way to get your game. 

Deer population. You do not want to mess with your deer population, because then, you will be affecting your future hunts. Because of higher success rates with attractants, you may find them to be a great way to keep check of the deer population.

Wildlife photography. Photographers of the wild may find attractants to be quite helpful with their captures. You may not find it easy to take photos of deer in the wild, because getting them to a desired spot may prove impossible. For the best shots, therefore, attractants could help overturn the impossible.


Following that attractants are sweet additions to your hunting experience, should you expect any setbacks? Just like with most other things, it is good that you do. Let us find out a way or more that using attractants could affect your hunting experience or success.

Spread of diseases. Attractants do not bait just a single deer, or a heard. Since deer will be able to get the scent from distances away, a large number of them could come together, increasing the risk of spreading disease to one another. A common one is the Chronic Wasting Disease.

Should your deer or herd get infected, then you may not be able to continue with hunting. Such diseases could cause as adverse effects as brain damage or even death. While attractants could be good, therefore, you may want to watch your use, and what you will be baiting.

When you are out with your packet of deer attractants, you may feel confused about where to start. Moreover, hunters look for better ways to make their next hunt not only easier but also fun and, perhaps, even successful. Why don’t we have a look at some of the things that you can keep in check?

You do not want your clothes reeking of natural scent. If you will be driving to your hunting spot, therefore, or will have to go through a long distance to get to it, then you may want to have your gear on upon arriving at your spot. This may deliver better results.

Stealth is one of the greatest winning points of any hunter. Noise attracts attention, and that is the last thing you would want from your game. If you find it hard to control the sound of your movement, then you may want to train yourself on regular strolls, trying slower gaits, until you can move with a hunter’s stealth.

Good health is the bedrock of any successful venture. If you are not at your best, then you may not perform at your best. It is okay to pass a trip until you are doing well, lest you not only make lesser accurate shots but also spook away deer, perhaps with coughs or anything else beyond control.

Wind direction could have a bearing on the success and intensity of your shots. Drag is one of the setbacks to most bolts and arrows that you may use for hunting. So, how do you tell which direction the wind is blowing? You could find the best natural ways, like reading the milkweed, to be quite handy and beneficial. 

Bottom Line

Deer can prove hard to get at close range. Whether you are a hunter, wild photographer, or would like to make some observations and clips, then you will come to find attractants to be one of the ways to get the deer close enough. 

What is more, is that some brands offer nutritional value to the deer, enhancing growth and good health. There are factors like the attractant scent and flavor that you should keep in check. You may also want to keep human scent away and go for products that will serve you excellently for long.

We have discussed some of the best available brands of attractants available in the market. What then should you go for? I would like to recommend the Whitetail Institute for a few reasons. It features vitamins A, D, and E. This attractant also contains trace and essential macro minerals, which have been formulated for deer.

It is great for pregnant and lactating does, and also enhances the development of horns in adult deer. This formula is quite enticing, and you may find it to be best for use in ground sites. All in all, this is a great product, with lots of benefits for deer.

There is no reason why you should not get it; buy the Whitetail Institute today!


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