Best Hunting Tree Stands

best hunting tree standWhen you are looking to purchase the Best Tree Stand you will come across hundreds of options from many manufacturers. The good news is that the large offer means you’ll be able to find a solution which works best for your needs and this is why you will have the opportunity of maximizing your hunting results in the upcoming season. Some hunters need to be up as high as possible while others need to be mobile and prefer a portable lightweight design. Some hunters prefer 360-visibility while other users prefer comfort. Finding the right balance for your chosen hunting style becomes a priority and one of the reasons you will need to find a good stand.

Most modern hunting tree stands are made from durable materials which come with a good weight capacity. These materials are often corrosion resistant and can be used in any weather and any season. If you are looking for a tree stand you can use together with a friend or your spouse, you can even find options for multiple users which are just as comfortable as those for a single hunter.

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Types of Tree Stands

There are a few main types of tree stands you can find on the market. These stands are made for a particular purpose and this is why they will differ in design. Many users feel tempted to compare the designs and argue on which the best solution for their hunting needs is. In reality, the designs are so different that they serve different purposes but some of them can be compared in terms of mounting speed and best visibility.

Ladder Stands

Ladder stands represent the most popular design. These tree stands are made with a fixed platform and a ladder which can be also fixed or expandable. These designs work great for safety and visibility point. Safety measures with these stands are the highest since they come with the fixed design which connects to the tree and to the ground with the ladder.

This thus represents a good option for those who are afraid of heights and need a proper stable platform to tackle this fear. It may also be the best choice for two hunters as the double designs are as easy to mount as the single designs. And the best news is that you can even use the double design while hunting alone which can improve your space and comfort on the high visibility point.

Climbing Stands

Climbing stands represent an interesting approach to tree stands. These types of stands come with a compact design which can be used to climb a tree to your desired height. Although the system sounds complicated, it actually uses simple physics principles to offer a safe and fast experience for the hunter.

But who can use these stands? And can they be used everywhere? The stands can be used by all hunters who want to take control of their visibility point. Ideally, you would look for a thinner tree to get a better grasp of the stand and its lockdown systems. This is why it will be important to maintain a good routine if you want to climb the tree safely. A good tip is to practice at ground level where you will be safe and take your time to progress with the learning curve which comes with these stands.

Tripod Stands

Tripod stands are rare but some users prefer them to the traditional stands which connect to a tree. This preference is usually based on the fact that you might be hunting in an open field where you have not tree to attach your stand to. But these types of stands also represent a good option if you plan to have a stand-alone design which can be carried to any location you want. If you just want to be able to get a higher perspective without having to look for the closest tree, tripod stands might be the way to go.

Tower Stands

Similar to tripod stands, tower stands don’t need a tree to connect to. The good news is that these designs are made to be used everywhere, even if you cannot find a perfectly flat surface. This is due to the expandable legs system which comes with many of these stands.

Tower stands can come in a single hunter design or they can be addressed to multiple hunters. The good news is that some of these stands are made with a durable platform which can take serious weights and thus you’ll be able to enjoy hunting with a friend or multiple friends. Some tower stands even come with seats which make them the ultimate design in terms of comfort.

Top Characteristics of a Tree Stand

Although there are many types of tree stands on the market, you will be able to find that some characteristics transcend from one design to the other. You will be able to make an informed decision and you will also be in a better position to interpret your needs as a hunter if you clearly define these characteristics.

The good news is that you can even finds tree stands which incorporate all of the characteristics and which makes them a perfect option for all type of users, even for advanced hunters. These characteristics are:

  • Height
  • Safety
  • Weight capacity
  • Platform
  • Seat
  • Shooting rail


The single most important characteristic of a tree stand is height. This will have the ability to influence your viewing point and it will thus be one of those crucial elements which make your hunting experience memorable and successful.

In simple terms, this means the higher you will be the better visibility you have. Most manufacturers go beyond the 20 feet limit and they offer a wide range of tree stands at a different height. It is not impossible to go higher, but most manufacturers prefer to stay around this range to avoid the strong winds which might come from a higher perspective.

The height of the stand can be fixed or adjustable. Fixed height usually comes with ladder tree stands. These stands are perfect if you want a fixed height or even an adjustable height if you manage to find a design which allows the ladder to extend.

If you are looking for the ultimate experience in terms of height, a climbing tree stand can represent a good option. This is when you will have the opportunity to reach your own desired height. These stands are easy to operate and it you follow the safety instructions correctly you will be able to climb a tree while on the stand. And the best part is that these stands, although they come with a compact design, they are made with decent comfort which can also represent a good option with such a small platform.

Tower stands represent a good alternative in terms of height management. Although these stands are not as tall as they come with a considerable size and need to stay at a lower level due to safety reasons, it may still be a good option to find one of these stands if you are looking to get above the ground.


The safety of the tree stands has been a highly debated topic in the hunting community. You will find that this topic is actually the most important one as you will have to stay away from accidents above everything else.

This is why every type of tree stand comes with its own characteristics in terms of safety. You will be glad to know that the ladder trees stand is very safe as it can be anchored in multiple points. You will also be able to lock it to a tree with multiple straps and the good news is that safety doesn’t end here for this type of stand. You will also find out that most stands come with an included safety harness for each hunter.

So if you purchase a double tree stands you will get to full body safety harnesses. These harnesses are essential to keep you safe at such a considerable height. But it is crucial to learn how to use the harnesses to avoid any complications and accidents. This is why you will have to learn how to use the harness at ground level first.

This is where you will learn how to get in and out of it and you will also learn how to keep it away from you to avoid tipping. After you are comfortable with the harness, you will be able to safely use the ladder tree stand. These types of stands can also come with a shooting rail which can also act as a safety rail. Although not stands come with this feature, it can be a great safety feature which can lock you down to the seat making you avoid potential accidents.

Safety is also important with climbing tree stands. You will find that these tree stands can also use a safety harness. But their strong point can also lie in the anti-slippage foot platform which can lock your feet to the platform or even come with anti-slippage design which uses foam to keep you away from accidents. These stands can also come with a shooting rail which may act as a safety feature as well. The good news is that you will be able to use one of the climbing tree stands with maximum safety while concentrating on your hunting experience.

Tower stands tend to be the safest option from two perspectives. The first perspective comes with the reduced height. A reduced height also leads to a reduced injury and accidents risk and thus, these tower stands might represent a safer option. With large platforms to move on and multiple users support, tower stands represent a good option if you plan to safely climb up and down the stand.

This can be done with multiple ladders with some designs which can only add to the experience. You may also find that camo designs come with a fully covered tower stands and they can keep strong winds away from you and your hunting partner. If you are unsure which stand to choose in terms of safety, make sure you read the full product description for safety instructions and compare these to your desires in terms of height. This is what will provide you the perfect design for you to improve your safety.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is an important indicator of a tree stand. Although most tree stands can be used by most hunters, if you have a heavier body you will worry on the design and your safety. This is why it is important to find out the weight capacity of your ladder tree stand when making a purchase.

This way you will know exactly what your weight and the weight of your equipment are which design to look for to support this weight. Climbing tree stands also represent a good option in terms of weight management. Since they come with a mobile design, they are only made for the single user. Thus, hunters will be able to use the compact design which can also come with an increased weight capacity as their frames can be made from aluminum or even steel.

Tripod stand will come with a similar weight capacity. Since they are not connected to a tree, they can also come with a 360-design and total visibility. This means you will be able to use the stands on your own for good performance and good weight support.

Tower stands come with the highest weight capacity. Since they are usually based on 4 legs and a square design, they will also come with good stability which is great for any type of situation. Since the stand is made for multiple users, it will also come with an increased weight capacity which makes them the number one choice for weight management. You will even be able to carry considerable hunting equipment with you on the stand since you will have space and support for it.


The platform can play an essential role both in the performance of the stand and in the comfort of the hunter. The performance will be influenced because it can allow you the space you need to freely move around. But the platform can also allow you the upright position needed for bow hunting. This is why it can be important to look for a roomy platform which can also come with feet rests.

Ladder tree stands tend to have spacious foot platforms which are enough for you to change your position from sitting to standing. This is why you will need to find an extended platform if you want to have the ability to stretch your legs. A double user design also comes with a double platform. But this can also represent a good option for the single user who needs the increased space on the stand.

Climbing tree stands tend to have the smallest foot platforms. This means that while you win on mobility you might not be as impressed with the space you get while in the hunting position. While the sitting is perfectly comfortable, you will need to find the right design for you and your standing needs with the climbing stands. This is basically due to the approach of each manufacturer. But the good news is that even with the same manufacturer, you can find large or small foot platforms to cater for multiple needs.

The tripod tree stand comes with the smallest foot platform or with no platform at all. This means you’ll have to sit for the entire experience. Most models come with a footrest in the form of a circular bar, but for some hunters, this might not be enough.

The largest foot platform comes with tower tree stands. These stands represent a good option for hunters who need to stretch their legs regularly. It will also provide the platform you need to sustain bow hunting. And with multiple users support, these stands can be one of the top choices for those who value a comfortable experience.


The seat is very important with a tree stand. Since you may spend most of the time on the seat, it needs to follow a few simple principles to improve your hunting experience. It seems that most users are looking for the comfortable option.

This means that you will have to go through a few different designs which come with different seats. A good option in terms of comfort is to choose a padded seat. Most manufacturers use a type of foam for the padding and this can add to the overall comfort of the stand. The good news is that even these seats are easy to find.

Another popular option comes with mesh seats. These seats may also be comfortable but their main characteristic comes with breathability. This is why you will be able to use the stand for a long time. During the summertime, these seats will keep you cooler for longer. During winter time, these seats will be easier to clean and dry from snow or rain. This is why every type of seat has its own advantages and drawbacks and it will be up to you to find the best design for your own needs.

Shooting Rail

The shooting rail can be a great addition to any type of stand. Ladder stand can benefit both in terms of safety and in terms of performance from the shooting rail. This is why you can even find padded options which are great if you are looking to maximize your comfort and the stability and accuracy of the shots.

Shooting rails are a great addition to climbing stands and to tripod stands. They can improve the safety of the stand and the good news is that all of these rails come with a flip-up design which means it won’t be in your way as you try to get in or out of position.

Shooting rails are also present with tower stands and this is why they represent the comfortable choice for performance and stability of your shots. Most designs have shooting rails which go around the stand and this means that you will be able to shoot accurately in any position and so will your partner if you decide to hunt together.

Advantages of Hunting from a Stand

If you’re unsure about purchasing a tree stand, there are a few advantages which might motivate you to start hunting with this innovative technique:


Having good visibility is everything in hunting. As in fishing, location plays a crucial role. This is why viewing your target from above can allow you the time to prepare for the perfect shot. A tree stand also adds to your camouflage which adds to the advantages of such a system.


It may be difficult to achieve comfort out in the wilderness. This is why tree stands come with comfortable seats which can be used for hours at a time. The good news is that these seats will also come, in most cases, with a foot platform. These platforms for the feet play an important role in comfort. Changing your position from time to time is essential for comfort and this is why you want to alternate between sitting and standing.


One of the most important benefits of using a tree stand comes with performance. The truth is that hunting from a higher perspective will improve your chances of success. This is why you will be glad to be at a considerable distance from the ground where you will be able to find the best performance which will make you improve your hunting skills.

The Best Tree Stands may be difficult to find since every user is different. The good news is that if you have the patience to go through some of the popular options you will find a stand which is easy to use and which will also improve your performance. A good starting point in your purchasing decision will thus come with consulting the most important characteristics of a tree stand.