Bogs Diamondback Hunting Boots Review

The Bogs Diamondback Hunting Boots represent one of the most up to date solutions you can choose. Even with an affordable price, they come with the dual density EVA insole which represents a great solution when looking for improved comfort. The boots also come with the impressive organic DuraFresh anti-odor protection. It represents a great solution when it comes to a modern design that is made for intense use in any situation.


  • Waterproof design
  • Dual density foam
  • Organic DuaFresh anti odor
  • Puncture proof


  • Stiff forefoot

As a waterproof design, the boots have many applications but they represent a great solution when it comes to hunting since they also offer good comfort. The EVA insole is one of the greatest choices for this purpose. Although synthetic, it offers a pleasant experience for all users.

Since these types of boots are used for multiple hours on each occasion, they need good odor management. This is where you will find one of their main strengths since they come with the organic DuaFresh odor protection. Practically, you can ensure a pleasant experience for a long period of time which can only make the boots more appealing, even in humid environments.


The boots come with the 2mm EverDry design to keep your feet dry. It proves to be the best characteristic when it comes to comfort. Even more, they are also made with a puncture-proof design which is perfect when it comes to tackling various terrains you encounter while out hunting. With a modern design and a camo finish, they are also made as a good addition to your camo hunting equipment. Since there are so many great choices, they also stand out with the scent-free rubber which represents a great solution in terms of durability.

Since the materials are well-known in the industry, they offer good durability and one of the robust options in terms of future-proof investments. Since the boots are also made to keep odors away, they represent a great option for those who need to ensure good durability. While they can be improved in some areas, they manage to cover all the essential areas such as feet dryness, comfort and insulation. This makes them a valid option for many hunters.

The Bogs Men’s Diamondback Waterproof Hunting Boots represent the great classic choices with all the modern updates you need as a hunter. The dual density contoured EVA represents a great solution when it comes to comfort and can be seen among the most interesting characteristics of the boots. At the same time, their 100% waterproof construction recommends the boots for humid environments and even for rainy days for the dedicated hunters. Keeping your feet┬ádry and warm is very important and this is why you will need the boots to offer you the protection you need while also being able to tackle any terrain. With an odorless rubber outsole, they are made specifically for this purpose.

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