Bogs World Slam Hunting Boots Review

The Bogs World Slam Waterproof Hunting Boots represent one of the best options when it comes to protection and comfort. Using popular EVA materials, the boots offer a contoured insole for the best fit and comfort. Even more, they come with the thermal midsole which is perfect for the colder days. This makes the boots the perfect option for the autumn and winter seasons and they represent a top solution when looking for a combination of comfort and fit.


  • Thermal EVA midsole
  • Contoured EVA insole
  • Pull-on design


  • Ankle support can be improved

The camouflage boots represent one of the recommended solutions when it comes to a modern design. Even more, they prove to be a top solution when it comes to a modern design, especially since they manage to integrate the EVA designs which are so popular across the footwear industry.

One of the areas which represent a major improvement comes with the EVA insole. It is a fit and comfortable option and can provide the right type of support for the long days spent outside. At the same time, the EVA cushioning of the midsole comes with thermal characteristics which recommend it for added comfort during the colder months.


The boots come with the distinct camo design which is a popular option in this segment. When it comes to functionality, some users might feel like there could be more support in the heel area and this is why they can represent an issue if you have narrow feet.

At the same time, the added benefits of the EVA design are not hard to match since they are used in a wider range of shoes and boots. This will reduce the overall originality of the boots, but with an affordable approach, they manage to offer an attractive solution for many users.

The boots represent one of the recommended solutions when it comes to a modern design. They manage to offer good comfort levels and a durable rubber outsole to tackle any surface. At the same time, they will be easy to slip-on in many situations. Since they use the combination of EVA designs, they are seen among the recommended options for added comfort. With a thermal design, they will also protect your feet in some difficult conditions where comfort and the right temperature are essential.

With synthetic fabrics, the boots prove to be a good solution for durability and this will improve the maintenance possibilities. With minimal cleaning, you will be able to use them for a long time. You will need to know that even synthetic materials will show signs of wear and this is why they come with the thick outsole which proves durable in any type of terrain.

You also need to remember that if you have narrow feet, you might need to choose a smaller size for a better fit. With such versatility, the boots are considered one of the interesting affordable solutions for any outdoor environment.  See some great hunting boot options under $150 here.


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