Browning Command Ops Pro Trail Camera Review 2019

Command Ops Pro

The Browning Command Ops Pro Trail Camera boasts of 0.5 seconds trigger speed as well as 70’ detection and flash range – ideal for capturing images or recording videos of objects. It is full of features and placed in a housing measuring 4.5 by 3.5 by 2.5 inches, and hence very portable. The images or videos quality at night is not impressive, though. It can detect objects swiftly. It uses lithium batteries that have a longer lifespan (more than 8 months).  All that and it is still a top trail camera under $100.

Presenting the Browning Command Ops Pro Cam

The trailcam has an infrared LED flash for capturing images and recording videos at night. It also features Time-Lapse + Shooting Mode that can be set to take photos or videos per intervals. Its Viewer Plus program (free download) is used for stitching time-lapse pictures into videos. The best part is that it can capture 4 images or pictures in Rapid Fire or Multi-Shot modes. SD memory card (32GB) is included for storing many images or recorded videos. The outdated contents are removed when space is exhausted. It operates well on 6 AA batteries.


  • Swift video and image trigger speeds.
  • The batteries last longer (more than 8 months)


  • Has a poor latch design
  • Videos captured at night cannot exceed 20 seconds
  • Video and picture quality is poor at night

Features and Benefits of the Browning Command Ops Pro Trail Camera

  • The camera has a photo resolution of 8 mpxl and video resolution of 1080 by 720 w/audio. The pictures and videos taken during daytime are clear but the level of clarity is still low compared to those recorded by premium Browning cameras. The night images are not clear but if the object is near the camera, the image is more visible.
  • The camera uses 8 AA batteries. The lithium batteries can be used as well. Generally, the batteries last for a long time (more than 8 months).
  • Command Ops Pro has a great detection circuit. The Video Trigger and Recovery Speed are 1.03 seconds and 1.6 seconds respectively. Additionally, its Picture Trigger and Recovery Speed are 0.74 seconds and 2.2 seconds respectively. The detection range is only 50ft, though.
  • The external battery jack of 12 volts is also included. Its outer shell is sturdy, strong and well-built. Overall, the camera is strong and housed perfectly to prevent unforeseen damages.
  • Has a great lens for 30° vertical or 45° horizontal angles of view. It also features Infrared LED flash, motion sensors and a monitor (for displaying temperature, camera ID, date/time and many more)
  • Can record videos and capture images to SD card (32GB). It is also possible to overwrite the older contents when SD card’s space is exhausted.
  • The camera is weather and waterproof/resistant.
  • The camera can shot four images/pictures in both Rapid Fire and Multi-Shot modes continuously. In addition, images or videos can be captured at pre-set intervals.

Conclusion for the Browning Command Ops Pro Trail Camera

Setting up a Browning Command Ops Pro Trail Camera is very simple. In addition, it is durable but it is still imperative to take good care especially when setting it up – you may end up destroying it. The most appealing thing about this camera is its long life batteries as well as swift detection speed. The picture or video quality is average, though.


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