Browning Strike Force Extreme HD Trail Camera Review 2019

Strike Force Extreme

The Browning Strike Force Extreme HD captures high-quality videos/pictures – it’s loaded with various features – capable of recording and capturing images or videos swiftly. The contents can be recorded on memory or SD card that is placed inside. Better yet, you can preview or playback the recorded contents on the desktop computer, TV or mobile phone, and that’s made possible by its responsive app. In particular, the app allows you to access all the settings and customize them as you want.  The best thing about it is that you can get it for Under $150.

Presenting the Browning Strike Force Extreme HD Trail Camera

What most people look in cameras is the quality of videos or images captured, and that is what Strike Force Extreme camera is designed to do. These game trail cameras are capable of detecting slight movements, so even the smallest animals would trigger it. And if the object is nearer to the camera, you are assured of superb quality of the images/videos captured. Basically, Strike Force Extreme glows red when capturing images/videos.


  • Long battery life (more than 10 months)
  • Reliable and exceptional detection circuit
  • Has a solid and strong case


  • Videos captured at night cannot exceed 20 seconds

Features and Benefits of the Browning Strike Force Extreme HD

  • The video resolution is 1280 by 720 while the photo resolution is 16 mpxl. Overall, the quality of images/videos recorded is excellent. In case you buy one and aren’t pleased with the quality of videos or images, you can return it to the manufacturer provided it is still under warranty.
  • The camera uses AA batteries (lithium), which usually take more than 10 months before being completely drained off. The Video and Picture Resting Power is 0.23 mW. The Video Nighttime/Daytime Power usage is 56.4 Ws and 16.1 Ws respectively. There is also an external battery jack of 12V.
  • The camera has the best detection circuit. For instance, its video and picture detection is swift. In addition, it has a long detection range (100 ft). The Recovery Speed and Video Trigger are 1.1 seconds and 0.55 seconds respectively. Also, the Picture Trigger and Recovery Speed are 0.36 seconds and 0.6 seconds respectively.
  • The camera is strong and sturdy. There are also angle mounts that are used to hold the camera firmly on its field of view. The setup process is easy. The settings can be customized as well. The images or videos can be recorded on SD card (512GB). And if there are old videos or images, you can overwrite them easily.
  • Has monitor or display screen showing temperature, date/time, moon phase including other statistics.
  • Can be pre-set to capture or record videos/images at intervals. It is also able to shoot 8 images/pictures in both Rapid Fire and Multi-Shot modes.

Conclusion for the Browning Strike Force Extreme HD Trail Camera

The Browning Strike Force Extreme features Smart IR Video and Infrared LED that gives the perfect illumination at night. As a result, the images/videos recorded are crystal clear. Another benefit of installing this camera is that you can customize settings, for instance, you can preset for the images/videos be recorded per interval. The major downside of this camera is that videos recorded at night are not lengthy.


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