Browning Strike Force HD Pro Trail Camera Review 2020

Browning Strike Force Pro

The quality of the pictures or videos captured by a camera speaks volumes about that particular camera, for sure. Camera buyers make a mistake of choosing cameras with higher megapixel ratings without knowing that a number of such cameras do not capture high-quality images or videos.  So, how can you know the perfect camera? Quality cameras like Browning Strike Force Pro captures top-notch images/videos.

Presenting the Browning Strike Force HD Pro

Browning Strike Force Pro is reasonably priced just over our top game cameras under 150 range but that does not mean it is deprived of features a good camera should have. Besides capturing great pictures or videos, the camera has an SD card slot where such recordings can be stored securely. It even allows you to view the contents on your desktop computer by connecting it to the computer using a USB cable. If you do not have a desktop computer, you can view the contents on your phone. In addition, it is compatible with other best wildlife camera viewer programs – and you can view all the contents or recordings in real time. Another best thing about using this camera is that it’s capable of detecting the slightest movements. It takes the images at night or daytime by glowing red.


  • Has a solid and strong case design
  • Has an exceptional detection circuit
  • Has a great battery life


  • The detection zine is a bit narrower compared to field of viewership.

Features and Benefits of the Browning Strike Force HD Pro Trail Camera

  • Utilizes 6 AA batteries. It can also run well when connected to 12V power supply. Its battery life for video and picture mode is outstanding.
  • The detection circuit captures images/videos at swift speeds. The video trigger and recovery speeds are 0.73 seconds and 1.9 seconds respectively. On the other hand, the picture trigger and recovery speeds are 0.22 seconds and 0.8 seconds respectively. The detection range is 90 ft.
  • The camera measures 4.25 by 3.75 by 3.25. It has a small case but very durable. It also features metallic back brackets for adjustments. There are also many models having slate river mounts.
  • Setting up the camera is simple. It features an internal viewer that makes it easy to playback videos or images. There is a slot for SD card (512GB) that can store many videos and images.
  • Just like other Browning cameras, the Strike Force Pro is durable because it cases are made from strong materials.

Conclusion for the Browning Strike Force HD Pro

The Browning Strike Force HD Pro is exceptionally designed to capture objects at night or daytime. It offers sharp resolutions and a high-quality lens that capture very clear pictures/images. Likewise, it provides swift trigger speed – capable of detecting very slight movements. Another noticeable feature of this camera is its customizable IR Flash mode. The SD card is spacious enough – overwriting outdated contents and replacing them with fresh ones is easy and fun.

Even though the Browning Strike Force HD Pro is highly affordable, it has some of the best features (that enhance performance) that are only available on premium cameras. The better part is that you don’t need technical expertise to operate the camera. It is easy to set up and operate.


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