Browning Strike Force HD Pro Trail Camera Review

The Browning Strike Force HD Pro Trail Camera represents one of the most interesting devices when it comes to video capabilities. As the name suggests, the camera will deliver fantastic quality HD videos. Even more, it will also deliver a great amount of detail with every image. This is, of course, based on the 18-megapixel sensor which is among the best on the market. Even more, it will prove to be one of the few cameras which come with an ultra-fast trigger speed. With a 0.3 seconds performance, you will not miss any crucial frame.


  • 18-megapixel sensor
  • Fuld HD video capability
  • 3 seconds trigger speed
  • 120 feet flash range


  • No TV out


There are just two main essential characteristics to trail cameras. They include the sensor and the flash. In reality, the discussion is much more complex and both these characteristics are influenced by what the manufacturer has to offer. This is the case with the sensor which even if it comes with a good pixel density, it might miss essential frame with fast-moving subjects. Luckily, Browning’s trail camera is not among these options. The camera comes with an incredible 18-megapixel sensor that will deliver fantastic pictures and HD quality videos. More importantly, the sensor and the shutter will be controlled by the impressive trigger speed.

With a trigger speed that comes with a 0.3 seconds performance, it is hard to find any other alternative that reacts as well in terms of speed. Thus, you will not be tied when it comes to a performance which doesn’t deliver the best phots and which can even miss frames.

The flash range is also important during the night-time. It can represent one of the few characteristics that can brighten your picture in low light and this is why the camera comes with a range that can reach up to 120 feet. This makes it one of the most interesting options when it comes to performance that doesn’t need any additional flash power.


The design of the camera comes with a popular approach from the manufacturer. Thus, you will be in the position where you will be actually able to use the SD memory cards with ease, transferring the data to your computer. Even more, the camera comes with the added performance of the external battery pack which can add extra energy-efficiency. Even more, the camera will prove to be one of the few options which are actually made to work with alternative 8 AA batteries as well.

The Browning Strike Force HD Pro Trail Camera thus represents one of the most interesting options when it comes to using a powerful flash, a fantastic sensor and delivering amazing videos. It will prove to be a good option for the dedicated user, but most importantly, it will be an option if you are looking for that extra trigger speed of which comes with a great sensor. It will be a top option from the manufacturer and from the market.


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