Browning Strike Force Pro XD Review – 2019 Trail Camera

Strike Force Pro XD

Choosing a good camera sounds simple but that’s not actually the case. To get a great camera, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind, for instance, durability, price, ease of use and most important of all, functionality (distinctive features). As a professional photographer, you can reap big by investing in a perfect camera like Browning Strike Force Pro XD. The wildlife cam is known for its “Double Camera Lens Technology”. It is exclusively designed for capturing fantastically clear pictures at daytime or night and is a Game Cam Under $200.

Presenting the Browning Strike Force Pro XD

Ever wondered how to capture 24MP images or 1080 videos clearly? The camera comes loaded with motion detection range including unbelievable swift trigger speed. It has dual cameras, one that captures sharp pictures/videos at night while the other do the same task at daytime. It can clearly capture videos/pictures at night because of its infrared LED flash with selectable or adjustable IR settings.

The camera also features Time – Lapse Shooting Mode specifically designed to take images at intervals based on the settings, and at the same time shooting motion triggered images. It supports Time-Lapse Viewer program – you can track down changes or patterns. Another feature worth mentioning is its 1.5 inch display screen that enables you to review all the videos or pictures comfortably. You can record and store your videos/images on the SD card for future consultation. Other features include time-lapse ability and customizable IR flash range. This trail camera is for the photographers who are devoted to capturing only the most astounding quality images. The camera can be pre-set or fixed to shoot up to eight pictures/images in fast mode method. Photographs and recordings are stored on the provided SDXC memory cards (512GB).


  • Best detection circuits available.
  • Great battery life.
  • Strong case covers made from solid materials


  • The design is not visually appealing

Features and Benefits of the Browning Strike Force Pro XD

  • 1.5 inch display monitor – For displaying camera ID, date/time, phase and other stats.
  • Compatible with SDXC cards – For overwriting outdated pictures/store latest images or videos
  • Ability to capture images/pictures of up to 24MP
  • Its design is weather or water resistant making it durable.
  • Motion sensors, for instance, high trigger speed (0.15 seconds), swift lag time (0.5 seconds), 80’ detection range, and picture/image delay programmable.
  • Lens offering 30° vertical as well as 45° horizontal angles of view
  • Has 6 AA batteries but can also run well on 12V power supply
  • Mounting straps are provided as well.
  • USB port for connecting to computers, TV or pc. Can be used to transfer images/videos as well
  • Can shot continuously. For example, 8 images can be captured in Multi-Shot and Rapid Fire modes simultaneously
  • Can be set to shot per intervals. For example, Time-Lapse Shooting Mode can be set to short after specified minutes have been reached. The best part is that it will continue functioning in the motion detection mode on time-lapse mode.
  • Has highly adjustable or customizable infrared LED flash
  • Videos/clips can be recorded with sounds. It features Smart IR Video that detects even slightest movements.

Conclusion for the Browning Strike Force Pro XD Trail Camera

Briefly put, Browning Strike Force Pro XD is an exceptional camera with a very low price tag. Its unique features make it easier to capture photographs and videos. Its full HD video ensures that everything captured is crystal clear.


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