Buck Knives S30V Review

The Buck Knives S30V folding knife comes with a classic design adapted to modern times. The beautiful knife will work for a number of uses which can be used every day. The good news is that this is made possible by the corrosion resistant design which is perfect for the best performance and durability. The blade has a top class cutting ability and its curved design will make it perfect for multiple types of uses and it will also make it easy to sharpen.


  • One-hand opening
  • Modern handle design
  • Ergonomic grip for added safety


  • Small blade for some users


The knife comes with an amazing blade and handles performance which recommens it for all types of work. Detailed work like skinning can see the most benefits of using the small and slightly curved blade. This is why it will prove to be a good investment when you need a knife for smaller jobs that require attention, skill and working on finer details.

The blade of the knife comes with a 2-5/8″ drop point and the S30V steel makes it an easy to maintain design. This is why the knife might also be a good option for those users who worry on maintenance and who need the extra freedom that comes with steel blades in terms of sharpening. The knife will work even operated with a single hand. This has the capacity of being truly useful out in the wilderness both with deer and with fish where you need to balance multiple objects at the same time. But this also has the capacity of improving the safety of the user since the simple opening system is made to be as straightforward as possible.


The design of the folding knife is modern but it still retains that classic identity of Buck Knives. It comes to show that even traditional manufacturers can offer new designs that can build on the rich manufacturing heritage.

With an ergonomic grip, you will find the handle is made from injection reinforced nylon which can prove to be a great choice in terms of slip control. This will be one of the main characteristics of the knife and as it also represents the contact point with your hand; you should ensure you like the plastic feel before making a decision on the knife. The blade is also orientated towards the user as it comes with a thumb hole. This small design adjustment can prove to be a great addition in terms of usability.

The Buck Knives S30V represents a good solution for everyday carry. You will find its 3.2 ounces weight as one of its main characteristics which will make it attractive for users of all levels. With a versatile blade, the knife offers plenty precision for the most detailed work you will need to perform out in the wilderness. The good news is that this will not mean you need to sacrifice durability as the knife comes with a solid steel construction and a handle made to last for years.


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