The Burris Signature HD Binoculars is one of the lightweight designs which stand out with the open-bridge design. This approach allows it to save weight and makes it a recommended option when it comes to traveling needs. As one of the perfect options for beginners who want a better performer that the classic entry-level binocular, it is a good solution in terms of weight and HD image quality with its 42mm lens.


  • 42mm lens
  • HD images
  • Open-bridge design
  • Rubber grip


  • Not for advanced users

The binocular proves to be an interesting solution when it comes to a modern lightweight design. It will stand out immediately due to its open-bridge design. While there is no clear evidence of this being superior or inferior in terms of performance, it does manage to bring the overall weight down which means it will be easier to maneuver for beginners. Even more, with the exterior rubber grip it will provide a good solution when it comes to durability and it makes it a recommended solution when considering an option in the affordable class.

The binocular also comes with the HD video quality which maintains good quality even in the edges. This can make it an appealing solution for many users and one of the recommended solutions when you need good-quality image coverage but don’t want to invest in a premium design.


When it comes to the right design approach, you will be able to see the true potential of the binocular. Practically, it manages to offer an impressive performance from the start. This is based on unmatched maneuverability which can mean it will be able to deliver consistent results which are difficult to match. Its strong point is the open-bridge design. This will reduce its weight considerably and make room for the 42mm lenses for added image depth. With such a robust and practical design, it will be hard to match when it comes to an impressive construction and a body which is made for optimum performance.

The binocular lacks significantly in temrs of body durability. But this can be balanced if you use the carry case it comes with. Even more, since you can secure it with the included strap, it will represent a good option if you minimally care for it. This makes it a strong option for many users and one of the recommended options when it comes to traveling long distances on foot. In these situations, you will not be able to carry heavy equipment and even small equipment matters as the weight adds up. With a robust rubber grip, the binocular manages to offer one

of the best solutions when it comes to a modern design but with classic inspiration in terms of weight and looks. Its military green look will also remind of the classic all-metal options on the market. Even if it can’t match those designs in terms of robustness, it will overpass them in terms of quality optics which is prices to the edges.


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