Bushnell Bone Collector LRF Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Bone Collector LRF Rangefinder comes with a range of up to 600 yards. This situates it among the recommended options for a first purchase as it can represent a good learning device for the new hunter. The rangefinder also comes with a quality construction which sees it protected against the elements. You will thus be able to use the device in any weather conditions which makes it one of the few entry-level rangefinders which are also made with good sealing for the rainy days.


  • One yard accuracy
  • Responsive
  • Rainproof design


  • Limited range


The rangefinder might be one of Bushnell`s choices for the hunter who is just starting out with such devices but who needs a product which is a step above the average product in the range. This means that you will get all the simplicity you expect from such a device but with a solid construction which will see you using it for years to come.

The device comes with a shorter range, up to 600 yards. But it`s not all bad news as you will be able to enjoy fantastic accuracy when you least expect to, as with rainy conditions. The device is perfect for the new user because it also comes with the one button operation. This is why many manufacturers may struggle to over-engineer a product when the new user only needs performance in a simple package. The good news is that you won`t waste any time setting up the device and all you need to operate it is a single button. In terms of accuracy, the device is on top of any short list. It comes with one-yard accuracy which is hard to determine even with higher end models. This way, you will be able to enjoy the amazing performance from your first rangefinder which can only motivate you to pursuit improving your skills.


The design of the device is aimed at durability and comfort. As you might expect from Bushnell, you always get what you look for plus the little extra which is why the manufacturer has gathered so many fans. The fact that the rangefinder comes with rainproof construction is a testament to this. The lens choice from Bushnell comes with 4x magnification which is enough for its range. You will also get a protective case to ensure your device is ready to be transported safely.

The Bushnell Bone Collector LRF Rangefinder is one of the top choices for users who want to start using such a device but don`t want the cheap plastic options available on the market. With minimal sealing against rain, the device can represent a top alternative for the enthusiast hunter who wants to enjoy amazing accuracy with a simple user experience. With a single button operation, the user will feel ready to go from the beginning which is why Bushnell manages to constantly create rangefinders for all types of users. With a premium design, the device will be a choice for years to come.


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