Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ARC Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ARC Rangefinder comes with amazing long distance performance. The rangefinder is perfect for those who are looking for the next step up in their hunting performance. The device is not truly made for the first time user as it places top performance above everything else. This is why it comes with an impressive range of 1.760 yards which will be the perfect solution for large, open spaces. But the device also comes with 7x magnification which puts it into a very select club.


  • Impressive 1.760 yards range
  • Extreme Speed Precision technology
  • Top class accuracy within ½ yards
  • Vivid Display Technology


  • Needs perfect conditions for precise long-range results


The rangefinder represents one of the top choices if you are looking to cover considerable distances. This represents one of the best options if you plan to use the device in large open spaces. But you will need to consider the fact that at the top range it might be difficult to maintain precision as it will require your steady hands and even perfect lighting conditions. But as a tool for overall performance, the rangefinder is one of the top options.

Up to the longest distance, the rangefinder represents a good choice for accuracy and color reproduction. As Bushnell fans know, the Vivid Display Technology is one of the top patented technologies for improving results in diminishing light conditions. The overall results will vastly vary on your specific conditions, but the technology has the potential of improving the readings and with the ½ yards accuracy, it represents a top choice for many users.


The design of the rangefinder needs to match its performance and this is why Bushnell came out with a few features which might prove fantastic. They include the waterproof build which is one of the staples of high-end products. This will allow you to safely use the rangefinder in any weather conditions and might be one of the top features to look for while looking for an upgrade from your old device.

The rangefinder`s design also features the multi-coated lenses which is one of the top characteristics of Bushnell, as it has to protect the powerful design and make it truly stand out in different light conditions. The device also comes with a tripod-mount which makes it the best choice if you want to hunt for hours and don`t want to hold the rangefinder for too long. This will also play an important role in image stability, offering you better results.

The Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ARC Rangefinder is one of the top choices for people looking to maximize long distance efforts. Although it doesn’t come with innovative or unique technologies, it does use the top choice from the manufacturer in terms of better results. This includes the interesting Extreme Speed Precision technology and the Vivid Display technology which has been used across the range. With good build quality and tripod mount design, the device is perfect for the dedicated user.


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