Bushnell G-Force DX ARC Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell G-Force DX ARC Rangefinder comes with impressive long distance performance. The rangefinder covers distances of up to 1.300 yards which makes it one of the best choices for those who want to cover larger distances. Bushnell fans know the manufacturer has always placed significant attention to detail. This is why the DX ARC comes with a great heritage to follow. It is the updated version of one of the world`s most popular rangefinders, the ARC. This means you can be sure the device is on par with all you expect it to be as it follows an already proven model.


  • 300 yards range
  • 1/2 yards accuracy
  • 1/10 yards display precision
  • Improves the famous ARC model
  • Metal housing


  • Might not be worth the upgrade if you have the old version


The rangefinder comes with impressive performance and an excellent overall package. It represents one of the true products which balance quality optics with good technologies and which offer a durable product. Fans of the series will be glad to know the rangefinder builds on the previous version as it improves performance. The rangefinder comes with the second generation Extreme Speed Precision technology which sees the device offer industry-leading ½ yards accuracy.

The low light performance has also been improved as this is one of the main focus areas of the device. Thus, you are now able to get the full benefits of the Vivid Display Technology which improve color and detail interpretation. But most importantly, it improves the low light performance which is crucial for performance early in the morning or late in the evening. But you will be also glad to know precision is improved as well. This is why you will not be able to use two new technologies which involve the Bow and Rifle modes. They have the ability to improve the precision, regardless of the terrain type.


As many Bushnell fans know, the manufacturer also offers solid designs which can be considered by many as industry-leading. The metal housing of the rangefinder makes it one of the best choices for durability. But the rangefinder is not only durable, but it also comes with the practical design which makes it truly desirable. For example, this is the case with the Rain Guard HD treated lens which is patented to Bushnell.

The Bushnell G-Force DX ARC Rangefinder comes with one of the most balanced approaches hunters can appreciate. The rangefinder is improved over the Bushnell ARC model and comes with improved performance. This can be seen in precision, where the device comes with the ½ yards accuracy. This can be highly desirable by the advanced user. The DX ARC also comes with improved performance with low light conditions. This adds to the improved performance on all types of terrains and makes the device a top choice for any type of user. With durable construction which is based on the metal housing, the rangefinder can be considered a top choice from today`s market.


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