Bushnell Impulse Cellular Game Camera Review


Bushnell Impulse (Tan or Camo)

Bushnell impulse is a cellular game camera, recently released to the electronics industry with an incredible set of specifications. It is an innovation that utilizes high levels of engineering technology. One amazing thing about this camera is that it enables you to capture high-quality pictures at a higher speed. With Bushnell Impulse, connection to a smartphone or any other device is made easy and faster thanks to the Bushnell Impulse feature.

Presenting the Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera

The wildlife scouting cameras are available in a range of two stunning colors- Tan and Camo. These are good colors especially for use in the wild. They also feature ultra-fast processors which enable the cameras to capture one image each second. The camera boasts a large storage of up to 32 GB.


  • The cellular game cameras deliver high quality images and videos. In addition to delivering quality images, users only have to set up the cameras in the most convenient locations
  • High processing and transmission speed. . The cameras transmit the images to smart phones and other storage devices at a very high speed.
  • Bright pictures can be achieved thanks to the no-glow flash feature.
  • It comes with a long life (6months) battery.


  • These cameras are much more expensive when than ordinary cameras. They require separate cellular plans for each camera. The monthly cellular plans further increases the costs involved.
  • When on active mode, they consume a lot of power and in some instances, you may require an external source of power for the cameras to transmit images.
  • They can easily be targeted and stolen by thieves while out in the wild.

Features and Benefits of the Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera

  • Image Resolution

The camera comes with a resolution of 20 Mega Pixels. With this kind of resolution, the cameras have greater sensitivity to light hence clearer images and less image noise.

  • Flash Tech

Image and Video Resolution

The 1920 x1080 High Definition resolution has the capacity to produce clear and well-defined images which are free of blurring. On the other hand, clearer images can be obtained thanks to the 20 MP camera resolution.

  • SKU

Camo-colored cameras have an SKU of 111900V and are sold at a favorable price of approximately $360.

On the other hand, Tan Colored type comes with an SKU of 119900A and is sold at a price of around $360.

Benefits of Bushnell Impulse

These cameras boast a wide range of benefits. Some of their benefits include;

  • You can capture more pictures using the cellular camera.
  • It offers greater cellular coverage.
  • The anti-theft mode enables the user to receive anti-theft alerts through the GPS.
  • The camera is a high performer with a fast trigger speed of 0.5 seconds and flash power of 100’.

Conclusion for the Bushnell Impulse Cellular Trail Camera

Bushnell Impulse cellular trail camera is a good way of capturing those good moments in the most unforgettable way. With guarantee for high-quality images and high speed, you can embark on your photography with the confidence of getting good results.  This is the kind of camera to look out for especially for technology enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional photographer or an adventurer seeking to enjoy your time in the wild, this is the perfect companion.


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