The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars combine a futuristic design with a compact body. The binocular is a good option when it comes to your travel needs and it represents one of the best solutions for those who want to enjoy a lightweight solution. The binocular comes with good-quality optics which are based on the on the BaK-4 prisms and ED Prime Glass. With manual focus and a compact design which offer HD quality images, the binocular will prove to be a solid option for many types of users.


  • Compact design
  • Bak-4 prisms
  • ED Prime Glass


  • Optics can be improved

The binocular comes with an average performance when it comes to optics but within its price range, it will prove to be an interesting solution, especially since it manages to offer good protection for durability purposes as well. Even more, the HD images will recommend it among the solutions which can represent a step-up from the traditional entry-level options. Even more, it will prove to be a great design when it comes to magnification. With 10x magnification, you will be able to ensure the best views of your subjects and it represents similar characteristics to what you can expect from more expensive options.


When it comes to its strong point, the binocular will come with a great design which is easy to use. Even more, it will be a great solution when it comes to elements such as rain, for or dust. Its water-repellant coating recommends it among the most interesting solutions when it comes to a modern design. Even more, the binocular will be a great solution when you go on trips and when you cannot predict weather conditions.

With a lightweight magnesium chassis, it will be similar to many of its alternatives in durability. This means that together with good sealing, the binocular offers good durability. This can be important for the users who don’t plan to replace it in the next couple of years. Even more, it will also come with at included neckstrap, a carry case and a microfiber cloth. This way, you can always ensure your binocular is safe and can be cleaned for clear images in seconds.

With ultra-wide band and anti-reflective lens, the binoculars will also be a top option when it comes to image and quality. Although its optics can be improved, direct light is managed well and this means that you can enjoy it in various conditions. Its focusing system is based on the manual approach and it represents a great solution when it comes to a classic functionality within a modern design. Even more, it can represent a great option when it comes to an improved functionality with its compact design that can easily fit in its carry case. Thus, you will be able to carry it with you with ease and this means that it can represent a great solution for many users who simply don’t want to invest in complicated optics.


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