The Bushnell Trophy Binocular comes with a tripod-mountable design which is perfect when it comes to the long days spent outdoors. Even more, it comes with a design which is easy to use. For this purpose, the large focus wheel which is placed in the middle will be accessible with both hands.


  • Twist-up eye cups for protection
  • Tripod mountable
  • Water and fogproof
  • Rubber armoring


  • Not for advanced users

As one of the most affordable binoculars, it represents a great option for many users looking to use their first solid design. It comes with good versatility which even allows it to be placed on a tripod. When it comes to durability, the binocular will even come with water and fogproof engineering. While it may not be to the same level with the premium designs, it will offer a good protection for a solution which might as well be your first binocular.

The binocular also comes with eco-friendly lead-free glass which will prove to be a good solution when it comes to a modern design. Even more, it will represent a solution which is easy to use since it comes with a focusing knob which is placed in the middle. While the knob is not as easy to use as some of the other options on the market, it will represent the budget-friendly solution many people can work with. Even more, it will also represent a great choice when it comes to a camouflage design. The military green design will thus remind of some of the classic options. Even more, it will prove to be a great solution when it comes to a modern design.

Beginners will also be glad to know it comes with a set of basic accessories for minimum maintenance. Thus, you will be able to choose use the binocular with the included strap. Even more, you will also receive a soft cloth and a lens cleaner. This should ensure that you are able to quickly remove any impurities or dust particles to ensure a solid image with clear subjects.

The Bushnell Trophy Binocular will be a recommended solution when looking to work with a modern design. It will also prove to combine modern characteristics into an option which is still affordable but which can represent a good foundation to what you can expect with more expensive options in the future. As a learning tool, it will prove a great choice and this is why it is worth to consider, especially when you don’t have to make a significant upfront investment. Even more, the binocular will prove to be a great solution when looking for a manual design.

For this purpose, its manual focus settings will be easy to use and at the same time, they will represent the foundation you need when it comes to actually improving your chances of seeing subjects closer, with a solid tool that can even be used during rain. At the same time, you will need to decide if it is enough for your future plans.


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