bushnell trophy extreme laser rangefinder reviewBushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder with Arc can be a good first purchase for the enthusiast hunter. The device comes with a good range of up to 800 yards and represents a top choice for the new buyer who is looking for a device which has a balanced performance. Of course, at this level, the rangefinder comes with a lightweight design which is perfect even for long days outside. And since it is aimed at the new user, it comes with simplified operations which are powered by a single button.


  • 800 yards range
  • Lightweight design
  • One-button operation


  • No metal housing


The device comes with a minimalistic yet effective performance which is perfect for all types of hunting situations. You can look for deer, trees and even further out for reflective targets which improve the long distance efforts. With a simplistic design, the rangefinder with 4x magnification with the quality lens.

This means that although it is below that maximum potential from Bushnell, the optics of the device still recommend it for a good first-time purchase. The good news is that this will also allow you to get accustomed to Bushnell products which will certainly be a top choice for your hunting needs in the future, if you plan to take your skills and performance to the next level.

Another top reason to consider the shorter range with the device is with accuracy. As it is easier to read the environment in shorter ranges, the devices comes with accuracy within 1 yard. This makes it one of the best options even for the dedicated users who want to enjoy high-precision results. Of course, these are the result in perfect conditions. But with good light and weather conditions, you can expect to get a very accurate reading with each use.


The compact design of the rangefinder will immediately appeal with the new user. It was made with an non-intimidating approach which means it is truly useful for the new user. With a simplistic approach that only requires the use of a single button; the rangefinder represents a top choice for ease of use. Of course, since it doesn’t come with complicated technologies or metallic housing, the rangefinder is quite easy. It comes with a weight of just 152 grams and this means it will be a good choice if you plan to use it for hours and want to avoid tired hands as much as possible.

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Rangefinder is a true option for the new user who will immediately experience amazing accuracy. This means you will get the opportunity of enjoying a top product which is the best choice from the manufacturer and which doesn’t complicate things too much. With a single button operation, you will enjoy a top user experience which is based on the simplistic design. With a lightweight construction, the rangefinder represents a good alternative for the new user. But it can also be a good, short distance, alternative as the second rangefinder for the top hunter.



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