Bushnell The Truth with ClearShot Rangefinder Review

Bushnell The Truth with ClearShot Rangefinder comes with amazing HD quality optics. If you are looking for an upgrade on your current optics and want to experiment the up to date characteristics from Bushnell, the rangefinder might the right way to go. Its range will work for up to 850 yards which is a testament to what can be achieved in short-distance optics as the device comes with class 1 laser technology. The good news is that this is a versatile tool for all types of weapons and it works even for bows.


  • 850 yards range
  • ClearShot technology
  • Angle compensation for various terrains
  • Rainproof construction
  • Fast response


  • 4x magnification


The rangefinder comes with one of the most interesting approaches from Bushnell. It packs some of the best technologies the manufacturer has across the range with a premium construction to offer one an interesting result which is clearly aimed at the dedicated user. With a limited range of up to 850 yards, it manages to deliver accurate results which are one of the main directions with the series from the manufacturer.

The device also comes with the Angle Range Compensation technology which is perfect if you have to tackle various terrains. This means you`ll also be able to use the Bow mode. This is perfect for bow hunters` readings but you`ll have to consider that the best results are limited to a range of up to 200 yards.

The ClearShot technology is one of the rarer features of the device and can represent a good assistant in the wilderness. It will immediately indicate whether you have a clear shot or not and can be the best technology if you are unsure in certain situations. And when you have a single chance for the perfect shot, this can truly be a valuable feature.


The premium design of the rangefinder completes the exact performance. This means you`ll get a device which is fast and precise but which also comes in a durable design which makes it one of the recommended options for long-term use. Thus, you’ll receive the rainproof construction which is perfect if you plan to hunt in all types of weather conditions and want to keep your rangefinder in good operating conditions. The device also comes with the anti-slip design which is truly valuable in rainy or hot weather conditions when sweat might represent the biggest slip risk.

Bushnell The Truth with ClearShot Rangefinder is one of the interesting choices from the manufacturer which is not aimed at all types of users. Since its main function comes with the ClearShot technology, it can be said that the device is one of the better options if you need a virtual assistant out in the wild. With good accuracy within range, the device makes for one of the top choices for any type of weather. With a  premium design, you`ll be one of the few hunters who get to experience such a product for years to come.


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