Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell Trail Camera Review

There are some people who have complaints that wireless trail cameras are not suitable for taking pictures or images because the quality of such images is compromised. The CuddeLink is a recognizable name and is very popular for manufacturing high-quality cameras like CuddeLink Cell. The camera simply refers to a wireless game camera that is designed uniquely.

Features of Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell Trail Camera

Cuddeback CuddeLink has been in the market since it was established in 1989, and it has positioned itself as the leading manufacturer of top grade wireless game cameras. Well, the company has introduced the newest concepts in all of their trail cameras. But what actually makes CuddeLink Cell the best? What are the downsides of using this trail cam?


  • 100 ft flash range (wide enough to get more information about the target object)
  • Features black IR flash (which is invisible and won’t scare the target object)
  • Excellent photo resolution (20MP)
  • Swift trigger speed (a quarter of a second)
  • Records full HD videos
  • Can link very many cameras


  • Does not function well when link to some cellular services. Most of the wireless trail cams work fine when link to cellular services.
  • They are two units that cannot work when one is missing.

Features and Benefits

Versatility and Performance

Overall, CuddeLink Cell works fine when set up appropriately. Its wireless connectivity feature actually enhances the performance. It offers that best photo resolution as well as nighttime flash ability, unlike many trail cameras. The nighttime and daytime image resolution is excellent (20MP). Another feature worth mentioning is its swift trigger speed (0.025 seconds).

The camera also utilizes dual flash technology, especially when capturing images/photos at night. For instance, you can customize low-glow IR settings to take photos at night without humans or animals noticing it.

Wireless Capability

Basically, CuddeLink Cell is a trail camera having a wireless adapter. The wireless carries used are not sophisticated, though. Its exclusive wireless features enable one to link several of them together.

Construction and Ease of Use

Setting up CuddeLink Cell is very easy. By configuring the camera in light mode, it start functioning automatically.

Just as mentioned previous, this camera uses wireless network. Most cameras that work that way have batteries that are drained off within a short lifespan. The battery usually do not last long especially if you are doing tasks such as transporting multiple photos/images to desktop pc or mobile device regularly.

One noticeable thing about CuddeLink Cell is that it is built well. It is made from durable and strong polymer materials. In addition, it is sealed to avoid damages that may be caused by external elements.


In most cases, the CuddeLink Cell comes with 1-year warranty. But a good number of online stores offer 2-years warranty.

Conclusion for the Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell Trail Camera

CuddeLink Cell has outstanding features and also reasonably priced. It allows you to send images/photos to smart devices and desktop pc. However, attaching the wireless adapter onto the camera is done manually – the wireless feature and camera are separate features.


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