Dexter Russell 1375 Boning Knife Review

The Dexter Russell 1375 Boning Knife is a lightweight alternative for any type of user. The simple knife is made with a wooden handle which plays an important role in the light weight of the product but it also adds a touch of class in a modern environment where handles are dominated by plastic materials. With a blade length of 5”, you will be able to use the boning knife to the best precision and it will represent a good choice to use both in the wilderness and in the kitchen.


  • Straight edge blade
  • Beechwood handle
  • Pointed blade


  • Blade too thick for some animals


The knife comes with a good performance at an affordable price. You will be glad to know the knife can work for most users and its simple design is what is needed for the finer work of boning. This is where you need a blade which balances stiffness with a flexibility to a great level. And the Dexter Russell 1375 does this very well without placing too much pressure on your finances.

The good news is that it comes with a 5” blade which is perfect for most situations. Although it might be too much for some smaller animals, the blade works very well with the beechwood handle which is easy to hold. Although the handle doesn`t come with an ergonomic design, its lightweight natural material recommends it as a top choice for maneuverability with a classic approach. This is why the knife can work best for those who are planning a simple approach to boning and using the knife for a wider variety of animals.


The balanced design of the knife reminds of the classic days and its models which made history. You will immediately notice the beechwood handle which, surprisingly, comes with a one piece design. This has been hollowed to make room for the blade which is locked into position with bolts.

The 5” blade of the knife recommends the design for multiple uses. The length of the blade is also along the preferred lengths of most users and this is why the knife can represent a good solution for all users. It will work both in the wilderness and in the kitchen. But since it comes with a wooden handle it would not be a good idea to leave the knife outside overnight, especially in rainy conditions.

The Dexter Russell 1375 Boning Knife is one of the top knives in the segment for an affordable price. Its main drawbacks include the lack of an ergonomic handle and the thick blade for some situations. But overall, the knife will do a good job for most users. It will work to ensure a wider use capability and this is why it can also represent a good solution for commercial environments such as restaurant kitchens. The knife comes with the beechwood handle which will also add that special classic design appeal to the blade which comes with good durability.


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