Esee LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade Review

ESEE LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade knife comes with a carbon steel blade and a lightweight construction. This recommends it as one of the top choices for durable and aggressive designs. The knife also impresses with the handle construction which is made from micarta. Micarta is a type of durable plastic which was initially used in the electric devices. But its durability and lightweight meant it reaches other industries as well. This is why the knife functions at its best level with the durable handle.


  • Carbon steel blade
  • Micarta handle
  • 75″ blade


  • Plain handle design


The performance of the ESEE LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade is at the highest level in the segment. It would be hard to find a better performing knife on the market at the same price and this is why it represents a solid option for hunters of all levels. Of course, since it comes with the sharpest blade from the box, the knife will perform the best with advanced skills.

So what can you cut with the knife? The carbon steel blade makes it a though knife to use. And the good news is that it will cut through everything. This is why it can be so difficult to match the knife in this range. Since the blade is solidly made from a very durable material, it will be one of the most attractive options on the market. Its slightly bent design means it will be easy to sharpen and that it will tackle any surface.


The design of the knife is made for top-level performance. As you can see, the knife works very well in a number of situations which include aggressive use. This is basically due to two design characteristics. The first one comes with the ridges at the back of the blade which can prevent slippage. The second one comes with the design of the handle which recommends it for good anti-slippage grip.

The handle is designed and made from Micarta. The plastic material can represent a good choice in terms of weight and durability. This is why the knife comes with a lightweight design and a solid handle which can work even with the toughest situations.

This robust design continues even with the sheath. As many manufacturers struggle with the sheath design, the ESEE LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade comes with a solid design which will ensure you`ll be able to protect your knife for years to come.

The ESEE LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade is one of the best knives on the market not only for the value but also for the overall approach and simplicity. While many knives may struggle with complicated designs and blades which look like they come from the future, the ESEE LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade is here to prove that even the simplest approaches can deliver fantastic results when executed the right way. The knife is a perfect purchase and also a fantastic gift idea for any enthusiast.


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