Excalibur Micro Raid 335 Crossbow Review

The Excalibur Micro Raid 335 Crossbow is one of the most compact options on the market. It comes with a weight of just 5.4lbs offering the lightweight performer needed to deliver the maximum results with the maximum compactness. Many Excalibur fans consider it the most compact design on the market and this can bring its own legion of fans as it will prove great for maneuverability and comfort. With the Gen 2 CRT limbs that are 25 inches wide, you can certainly see where these claims are rooted.


  • 4lbs weight
  • Gen 2 CRT limbs
  • Air brakes
  • Sound deadening system


  • Not for the top-level users


With a solid performance, the crossbow might be one of the most interesting options to choose from on a saturated market. Since you might be wondering on the best affordable lightweight design, Excalibur has a few offerings which might work to your advantage. The Micro Raid 335 represents a solid option if you are looking for a lightweight design and a performance which can represent a solid base for your skills’ development. Even more, with a few interesting technologies, you will be able to achieve a performance worthy of any modern crossbow.

The ultra-lightweight design of the crossbow recommends it among the most interesting options from the manufacturer. As one of the few select crossbows with a weight of just 54.lbs, it can represent a solid alternative to many other designs which might deliver up to date technologies but which fail in terms of maneuverability and accuracy. The accuracy can also be impacted by the weight and this is why it will work for such a large number of situations.


The design of the crossbow will recommend it among the top options on the market in this segment. Using the Sound Deadening technology, the crossbow will come with fewer vibrations and an improved performance and user experience. Even more, with air brakes and the Twilight DLX scope, it will prove to be one of the best options from Excalibur. You can also expect a package which contains, among other, a rope cocker and 4 quality arrows. You will thus be well equipped to begin your Excalibur crossbow journey.

The Excalibur Micro Raid 335 Crossbow is one of the most interesting options when it comes to balancing a lightweight design and a performance which is characteristic of the manufacturer’s quality products. With the Kryptec Raid camo finish, the crossbow will also look very distinct adding to your overall camouflage look.

Going beyond the maneuverability and the excellent user experience, the crossbow provides a good performance. Thus, you will be able to reach speeds of over 300fps and this will represent a solid option for many types of players. Considering the price range, the crossbow will prove to be a great alternative for the new user. It may also prove to be a great purchase by those looking to move to Excalibur designs. Most people doing so will appreciate the ultra-lightweight feel of the crossbow.


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