Gerber Moment Fixed Blade Review

The Gerber Moment Fixed Blade is a great hunting knife which can be used in various situations. If comes with a versatile blade and a rubberized handle construction. The full fine edge is easy to sharpen after every use and its durability will ensure you`ll be able to use it for years to come. Its ridges on the back of the blade will come useful when you decide to do some hard work and need the extra stability and control.


  • Versatile blade
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Rubberized handle
  • Ridges on the back of the blade


  • Needs constant sharpening


The highly performing knife was developed for the experienced hunter who knows what is needed with a top end design. This is why you will want to use the steel knife in various situations which can require dedication and perseverance.

The fixed blade knife comes with a total length of 21.9 cm which makes it a versatile solution for all types of hunting needs. You will even be able to use the knife for gutting. But its main attraction point comes with the blade which is made from steel. Some users feel the steel is softer to the alternatives on the market. This is why you will have to consider constant sharpening to see the best results with the knife.

The knife comes with a full fine steel edge and this is both its strong point and its weaker point. It represents its strong point as it is easy to sharp out in the wilderness. But at the same time, it represents its weak point as it will need constant sharping as the material can be softer to other types of steel. This is why the knife is a good solution for the advanced users who already know how to sharpen a knife for long-time performance and durability.


The fixed blade design of the knife is one of its best features. This has the capability of delivering the best results when you need precision and control. But for control purposes, you will be glad to know you can use the ridges on the back of the blade which recommend the knife for total control.

Another interesting design element comes with the handle which is made from a two-piece design and uses a nylon core with a rubber exterior. This will prove a great addition for any type of weather conditions. Thus, the anti-slippage design of the handle can recommend it for all types of uses.

The Gerber Moment Fixed Blade is one of the knives made for the ultimate versatility. The manufacturing tradition of Gerber made the fixed blade a good option for those looking to maximize results and use it in various weather conditions. The good news is that the manufacturer also included a blade which is easy to maintain. The rounded blade is easy to sharpen out in the wilderness and this makes it a great tool for the dedicated user who want total control.


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