The German Precision OpticsPASSION ED 8×32 comes with some of the most popular technologies from the manufacturer but in a compact design. The lightweight binocular is one of the recommended solutions if you are looking for a simpler approach which doesn’t need complicated body designs and which will reduce the overall weight of your equipment. With its unique coating and ED glass technology, it will be one of the affordable options which are still above many of the entry-level options on the market for the traveling user.


  • GOPbright coating
  • ED glass technology
  • Aluminum eyecup tubs
  • Hard case


  • No carry case

The binocular comes with ED glass technology for an improved image quality. But what does this do to the actual lenses? The technology is one of the up to dated solutions when it comes to combating color fringing and chromatic aberration. Practically, this can be seen with light-colored subjects against light-colored backgrounds. It will be one of the top solutions which you need to consider when it comes to the best image quality, especially if you are looking for subjects such as birds.

One of the most popular characteristics will also come with the GOPbright coating which represents a great standard when it comes to a modern approach with light control. It will help improve the contrast on the sunny days and is one of the distinct features used by the manufacturer.


When it comes to design, the binocular is also representing the brand very well. It is in-between the compact and large options and using a magnesium body, it is a durable option which is worth your consideration. Even more, the aluminum eyecups will reduce some of its weight but without sacrificing durability.

The custom-molded hard case will thus prove to be a great solution when it comes to a modern design which is easy to work with. Even more, it will be one of the top solutions for those who need the right approach and the right solution when it comes to a durable design. One of its drawbacks comes with the lack of accessories. This means that you will not be able to fully start using it, especially during rainy conditions as you will need to purchase a microfiber cloth separately. A strap and carry case can also be recommended. But if you can choose your own versions for the accessories, you will be able to make full use of the binocular. Even more, it will come as one of the durable solutions on the market.

With great ED optics, the binocular is here to offer a great solution for beginners who want the clearest subjects, even against bright backgrounds. The lenses are thus one of the recommended solutions for an improved quality over some of the entry-level alternatives. Being one of the most affordable options from the manufacturer, the binocular will also prove to be a great performer within its range which also comes with a durable body.


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