Guide Gear Extreme Comfort ReviewGuide Gear 17’ Extreme Comfort Review

The Guide Gear 17’ Extreme Comfort Ladder Tree Stand represents an easy to use tree stand. It has everything you need to perform at the highest level as a single hunter. With a height of 17 feet, it offers the platform you need to maximize your accuracy and comfort above the ground around your favorite tree. It comes with an adjustable seat which is comfortable and comes with the easy in and out design which is what you need at this height. For safety reasons, the stand comes with popular mount design and a full body harness.

guide gear 17' extreme comfort ladder tree stand reviews


  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy in and out design
  • Full body harness
  • Foldable footrest


  • Could use more leg room


The stand represents one of the complete options on the market. There are not many issues that could be attributed to the manufacturer and this says a lot about the maturity of this tree stand. Without even trying too hard, it manages to bring together some of the most popular features for hunters. It is fairly easy to mount as it weighs just over 50

guide gear 17' extreme comfort reviews

pounds. You can even do the setup by yourself.

The stand comes with durable anti-corrosive tubular steel frame which is known for its durability. Even during the colder months of the year, it will last against

the effect of rain and lower temperatures. The stand comes with the easy in and out design with the retractable shooting rail. The rail is fully padded both in the front and on the sided which makes it perfect to use during the colder times of the year.

In terms of comfort, you will get a fully padded seat which is one of the most comfortable options you can find at this height. With retractable foot rest, you can improve your comfort and reduce the stress on the spine while sitting for hours at a time.

Safety is one of the areas which always need discussion with tree stands. This is why you will need to use the full body harness to maximize your security off the ground. To avoid any accidents or unwanted situations you should familiarize yourself with the harness at ground level. It also important to remember not to climb with any weapons on you, but you should rather bring them up to you with a rope or a cable.

guide gear 17' extreme comfort ladder tree stand review

The Guide Gear 17’ Extreme Comfort offers popular characteristics which hunters love. The 17 feet height is one of the most appreciated for visibility and comfort and this is why so many products are designed around this height. With so many options to choose from, why would you go for the Extreme Comfort? It all has to do with the thick padding of the seat which runs across its length and height. With the added foot support and the easy in and out functionality, you are surely served by one of the best-designed tree stands on the market. With a reduced weight, it sets a high standard for all stands at 17 feet height.


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