guide gear 18' deluxe ladder tree stand reviewGuide Gear 18’ Deluxe Two Man Review

The Guide Gear 18’ Deluxe 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand offer the simple tree stand option for pairs of hunters. If you`re looking to improve your hunting abilities and also want to do so with friends, you might consider the 18’ Deluxe as one of the straightforward options. The tree stand comes with a height of 18 feet as the name suggests. While this is not the highest platform, it is still at the market average, which is what most hunters need. When you factor the two-person design, you get a handy option which can be quick to set up and have you hunting in the shortest possible time.

guide gear deluxe double tree stand reviews


  • 18 feet height
  • Two-person design
  • Padded seat
  • 37” feet platform


  • No backrest


The tree stand might represent one of the simplest options for pairs of hunters on the market. While it doesn`t have the upscale build of some of the most expensive models you guide gear 18' deluxe tree stand reviewscan shop for, it manages to provide a solid platform for your hunting needs and this is more than enough for most users.

In terms of comfort, you will get a 38” padded seat which can be a great addition for those long days waiting for your target. The foot platform is similar in size and can be a good design feature to fix your posture and remove some of the stress from your back while sitting.

The tree stand even comes with a padded shooting rail. This has been proven to keep your weapons free of scratches and dents. With the support you get from the rail, you can also maximize your shooting efforts with so many cases where you just don`t have an extra anchoring point for the perfect shot.

Of course, the tree stand comes with the 18 feet height which is the perfect level, as considered by most users. Although it is not the highest tree stand on the market, it offers you the much needed increased visibility which is just incomparable to ground-level shooting.

guide gear 18' deluxe 2-man ladder treestand review

The design of the tree stand is made around durability and stability. With a total weight guide gear deluxe double treestand reviewscapacity of 500lbs, the stand can represent the perfect option for most hunters.

The Guide Gear 18’ Deluxe Two Man might lack the most comfortable seat on the market or even a good backrest. But it still offers minimum cushioning with the two-man seat. The foot platform is also more than decent as it can offer some space for the hunters to move their legs.

If you`re unsure of what the perfect product is, in most cases it is the one that manages to combine good performance with a solid design. This is also the case of the Guide Gear 18’ Deluxe Two Man. While it lacks the premium design of the more expensive models, it does a great job at providing a platform at 18 feet above the ground. This is what most hunters are after and can represent a great affordable choice


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