guide gear 2 person 20' ladder tree stand reviewGuide Gear 2 Person 20’ Review

The Guide Gear 2 Person 20’ Ladder Tree Stand comes with double rail design and the option of using a total blind for maximum concealment. The tree stand is among the most comfortable options for pairs of hunters as it comes with a padded seat with backrest. The extensive foot platform is also among the best in terms of space and comfort and can be a good feature for those who want extra leg room. The double rail ladder is another feature which adds to comfort as it limits vibrations whenever you use it.

guide gear double rail ladder tree stand reviews


  • Over-sized foot platform
  • Double rail design
  • Fully padded seat
  • Padded rail
  • Full blind option


  • The seat does not recline


The Guide Gear 2 Person 20’ Ladder Tree Stand is one of the interesting tree stands for two  hunters. It has a height of 20 feet, which is just above the average on the market and can represent a good option for those looking to maximize visibility with a two-person design.

The comfort of the platform on this treestand is assured by the seat and the over-sized foot rest. The padded seat also comes with an adjustable backrest which is also fully padded. The foot platform extends to offer larger angle coverage and can be a good option if you want to maximize shooting angles with a partner.

Of course, as you may expect from the manufacturer, you also get a fully padded rail. This can act both for safety and as a shooting platform. With full padding across the rail, it is one of the few models which allow this design and acts to improve the overall feel of the comfort of the stand.

The double rail design is perfect for those who are afraid of heights. Since it limits vibrations on the ladder when you climb up or down, it is a simple solution for those who need the extra stability feel which might be needed with a two-person design.

The tree stand is perfect if you want to use a full blind. This will add to its camouflage and can be a good addition if you want to stay truly undetected by the animal. Its design allows for shooting even when the blind is in place, which means you can maximize your chances while staying undetected.

The Guide Gear 2 Person 20’ Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand With Hunting Blind comes with innovative design which is new to the manufacturer. Although the double rail design is not exclusive this model, the full blind and the extended foot rest offer a unique perspective on what can be achieved with a tree stand. Even more, if you factor the fully padded seats and shooting rail, you can say that the tree stand also adds a level of comfort which is hard to match. With a height of 20 feet, the tree stand is perfect for those who want to be in a slightly higher position and can appreciate the extra safety of the double rail design. If you plan to hunt with your partner, this might be a complete alternative.


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