guide gear 25' deluxe double rail ladder tree stand reviewGuide Gear 25′ Deluxe Double Rail Review

The Guide Gear 25′ Deluxe Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand comes with an impressive height of 25 feet. It thus is required to use additional safety features such as the double rail design. Since you will be using one of the highest hunting platforms on the market, you will want to know that it is solidly made from steel and comes with good comfort levels even at such impressing heights.


  • Double rail design
  • 25 feet platform
  • Padded seat
  • Padded backrest
  • Recline seat
  • Steel construction

guide gear 25' deluxe double rail reviews


  • Not recommended for those with height fear


The Guide Gear Deluxe Double Rail offers one of the highest platforms on the market. At 25 feet, you will be closer to the birds than ever before. But this design is not made for all guide gear deluxe double rail tree stand reviewshunters. You have to be able to improve your target accuracy from this height. You will need stable hands and good vision to accurately shoot an animal from 25 feet above the ground.

Of course, some features are here to help with this objective. First, you get the safety of the double rail system which will keep you secure at that height. Then you get the comfort of the seat. With a padded seat with backrest, you will be waiting in a comfortable position for the best moment to shoot your target. The padded rail can also represent a good comfortable stand while waiting. You can also rest your weapons against the rail without slippage. And since you will be at that height you will need to wonder if the weight supported by the tree stand can handle your weight. The good news is that the stand comes with a 300lbs weight capacity which is perfect for all types of hunters.

guide gear 25' deluxe double treestand review

But what are the real strengths of the tree stand? The main attraction points of the stand come with its height and the reclining seat which gives you the ability to stand on the feet platform. While there are some other tree stands that offer this function, it may still be guide gear deluxe double treestand reviewsworth considering that you are getting this design at one of the most considerable heights on the market. Without many advanced features, the tree stand offers all that is needed in terms of design, performance and comfort even for the advanced hunter.

The Guide Gear Deluxe Double Rail is one of the highest tree stands on the market. It is not made for all hunters as not everybody can appreciate sitting at such a considerable distance from the ground. When you add that shooting accuracy may diminish from such a range, you really find out that the stand is not made for all hunters.

But those who truly want maximum camouflage being undetectable by the animals until the last moment, the Deluxe Double Rail can be a solid option. With such a comfortable and versatile design, it offers the perfect platform for seated or standing shooting. With the extra safety rail, it is made for the advanced hunter.


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