Guide Gear Double Rail 360° Swivel 20' Ladder Tree Stand ReviewGuide Gear Double Rail 360 Swivel 20′ Ladder Tree Stand Review

The Guide Gear Double Rail 360 Swivel 20′ Ladder Tree Stand comes with increased visibility for total surveillance. If you plan to cover larger areas and have a comfortable tree stand, you can take the opportunity to do so at 20 feet. At this height, the stand is one of the highest with a 360° design and can be a good alternative for hunters who want maximum visibility. You will also get a comfortable experience with a fully padded chair with armrests. The stand feature the jaw safety design for improved security with the anchoring.

guide gear double rail 360° treestand reviews


  • 360 design
  • Jaw safety anchoring
  • Comfortable seat
  • Improved height
  • Double rail design


  • Shooting rail not full padded


With a height of 20 feet, the stand comes with an improved visibility both in terms of the angle with the full swivel function and in terms of distance to the ground. Since you will be guide gear double rail 360 degree swivel 20' ladder tree stand reviewssitting at a higher distance from the ground compared to other 360 degree designs, you should consider improving your long-range shooting efforts. The last thing you want is to miss your targets from this height. The good news is that there are some features which will allow you to improve on your accuracy and focus on the shooting.

The shooting rail is one of the most helpful design features for this purpose. It is padded in the frond section to give you a more comfortable platform for the best results which can make you focus on the target. The stand does lack full length padding on the shooting rail though. So if you want to shoot any animals which are behind you, there will be no padding to support your hand and weapon, only the metal rail.

The design of the Guide Gear Double Rail 360° Swivel Tree Stand is based on the double rail function. It is designed to reduce vibrations and improve your overall safety and feeling of safety. Due to the height of the stand, you will want to maximize your vibration reduction efforts to improve comfort. This is where the double rail design will work best as it offers some of the simplest yet most effective methods of improving stability.

guide gear double rail 360 treestand review

The Guide Gear Double Rail 360 Degree Swivel 20′ Ladder Tree Stand is one of the complete 360 tree stands. It comes with a 20 feet height which will work best for those who truly need the extra visibility and the added surveillance abilities which come with it. When you factorguide gear 360° ladder tree stand reviews the 360 design, you get one of the best options for total visibility. The stand also offers good comfort levels. You can expect a thickly padded seat which is great for long hours out hunting. It even comes with arm rests which is quite rare with these designs and can improve your comfort and posture while sitting for hours. If you`re looking for a single-hunter design with total visibility from a higher point and value comfort, the Guide Gear Double Rail 360 Swivel is one of the best options on the market.


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