guide gear 16' swivel ladder tree stand reviewGuide Gear 16′ Swivel Ladder Tree Stand Review

The Guide Gear 16′ Swivel Ladder Tree Stand represents one of the few 360 tree stands on the market. Unlike your traditional stand which is placed against a tree, the Swivel Ladder Stand is perfect for 360-visibility. As the name suggests, it comes with a chair which can swivel for maximum all-round visibility making it a good choice for improved coverage and spotting the animals from all possible angles. The tree stand comes with a 16 feet height as it represents lower options which can be good for those who are afraid of heights.

guide gear 16' swivel ladder treestand reviews


  • 360 design
  • 16 feet height
  • Fully padded shooting rail
  • 2 ratchet straps


  • Not the highest option


If you’re looking for a good 360 design there are not too many options to choose from. Since the design is very specific, the height is also lower than with traditional tree stands. guide gear swivel ladder tree stand reviewBut you will still be seated at 16 feet above the ground. This might be enough to avoid detection from the animals and can also work for those who are afraid of heights and would feel uncomfortable at 20 feet or beyond. This is one of the most important features of a tree stand and if you feel the height is not enough for your, maybe you should look for another option.

But the strength of the tree stand comes from the 360° design. There is nothing that can quite match the visibility this gives you. Gone are the days when you would lose a shooting opportunity due to the design of the tree stand as you can improve your essential hunter characteristics such as vision to maximize your results and even accuracy.

guide gear swivel ladder treestand reviews

The Guide Gear Swivel tree stand comes with a padded all-round shooting rail. This has the advantage of offering a soft platform for your shooting efforts and can be a good feature if you want to keep your weapons scratch free and your clothes intact. Since the chair is fully swiveling, you will have the opportunity to shoot from any position. But you can also shoot from a standing position since there is enough room with the foot platform. This guide gear 16' swivel tree stand reviewsmay add a level of accuracy and can represent the difference compared to other 360 models. Some hunters want to have the opportunity to stand to also stretch their legs after a long day.

The Guide Gear 16′ Swivel Ladder Tree Stand is one of the simplest 360 designs on the market. While it doesn’t come with the most impressive height, it still focuses on maximizing your shooting angle. At 16 feet you will have a good post with a decent view from above. The padded shooting rail will offer you the design you need with a comfortable platform which can make you focus on shooting without reducing accuracy. If you need a design which can help you monitor larger areas when hunting, you can say that the Swivel Ladder Stand is one of the straightforward options. It works for most hunters who need that extra visibility.


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