Halo XL450 Rangefinder Review

The Halo XL450 is the perfect rangefinder for the first-time user. If you are looking to get into using rangefinders, then the XL450`s range might recommend it as a good option. As the title suggests, its range can work with distances of up to 450 yards with reflective targets. This places the device in the lower range capabilities and is thus recommended for hunting terrains you already know and in which you would not need to establish a greater range.


  • Precise 1-yard accuracy
  • Water resistant construction
  • Slope compensation technology
  • Scan mode


  • Limited range for some situations


The rangefinder can represent a good option if you are starting out with such devices and if you need to maximize the potential it can give you while hunting. The good news is that even with a shorter range of 450 yards, the device can provide the right platform for the users who want to improve hunting accuracy regardless of the terrain.

In terms of advanced features, users will have plenty of integrated technologies to choose from which can improve the overall experience considerably. Thus, you can choose to use the AI technology which will calculate the distance to the target even on slopes as it can compensate for terrain variation. This will prove useful for some hunters who plan to take their rangefinders or uneven terrains.

Another advanced technology comes with the Scan Mode function which will allow you to get the better understanding of the environment you need. This means that the technology will indicate the distances to multiple targets which will allow you to use this reading to enhance your hunting objectives.

The scan function can also represent a good alternative in situations with dense background where it would take more efforts to distinguish between targets and to aim with good accuracy. This is why this mode can prove useful, especially for new hunters who might not be as familiar with the terrains as more experienced users.


Although the rangefinder is aimed at the new user, its design comes with impressive characteristics such as the water-resistant construction. Good sealing means you`ll be able to use the rangefinder is various conditions which are hard to establish in some situations. For example, if you plan to use the rangefinder in rainy conditions, you might not know what to expect in terms of weather some days and this is why the construction allows you to safely take it with you regardless of the weather.

The Halo XL450 represents a good solution for the new user who needs to get into rangefinders. Although the device covers a shorter distance of 450 yards, it still represents a good solution for many types of situations and the good news is that this will make it the perfect choice for good usability and even some advanced technologies such as the Scan Mode. With slope readings, you will be using one of the most interesting devices you can find in this segment.


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