Halo XR17 Rangefinder Review

The Halo XR17 comes with coverage of up to 700 yards. This puts it slightly above the average on the market and closer to the long range devices from the manufacturer. It represents a good solution for hunters who need to reach considerable distances but also maintain good accuracy. This is why Halo offers its top performance in terms of usability with its 1-yard accuracy which can be hard to match by the competition. With plenty advanced features and a durable construction, the rangefinder represents a good option in the segment.


  • 700 yards reach
  • 1-yard accuracy
  • Dusk and dawn display
  • Scan Mode
  • AI slope technology
  • Rubberized grip


  • Not the best solution for new users


The performance of the device becomes increasingly impressive as it offers a good overall package which is perfect for those who want to get a top product in a good design. This is why you will get to enjoy its range capabilities which can reach as far as 700 yards. This makes it one of the top products in terms of reach that Halo offers to dedicated hunters.

In terms of advanced features, you will get a product which is perfect to use even in low light conditions. Thus, you will enjoy good display even at dusk or at dawn. One of the top characteristics of Halo is that it offers its rangefinders the famous Scan Mode. The function allows the rangefinder to indicate the distance to multiple targets and this is why it can be considered among the best options for hunters who activate in busy environments.

The rangefinder will also work well with uneven terrain. Thus, you will get the opportunity of closely working with slopes to measure the exact distance to your subject. This is where the AI technology will compensate for the angle and it will calculate the exact distance to your subject.

The accuracy of the rangefinder also says a lot about the quality of the product. It comes with the 1-yard accuracy which is perfect if you plan to improve your results and need a solid tool to represent the base for this improvement.


The compact design of the rangefinder recommends it for users who want to keep an eye on the subject or subjects, for hours at a time. And with its water-resistant construction, you will get a rangefinder which is perfect for all types of situations, even for the rainy days or the rainy season.

The Halo XR17 is one of the rangefinders which use top performance in a solid design to offer an interesting device for the dedicated user. Thus, you will even get the rubberized grip which can prove to be a small but important anti-slip measure. The device itself offers good accuracy within the 1-yard limit and thus represents a good option for people looking to get the top performer with the considerable range of 700 yards. With a durable design, the device represent a good choice for the enthusiast.


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