Halo XRAY 1000 Long Range Rangefinder Review

The Halo XRAY 1000 Long Range is a rangefinder made for the dedicated hunter who wants maximum capacity from the device. With a range of up to 1000 yards, it represents a solid option for users of all levels, especially the dedicated hunters. If you are looking to maximize your performance on the field, the rangefinder is one of the best options which allow you to cover some of the most considerable distances on the market.


  • 1000 yards range
  • Dusk and dawn performance
  • AI technology for slope readings
  • Scan Mode
  • Water resistant construction


  • Warranty could be extended to two years


The performance of such a long distance performer is hard to match. This is mainly due to the fact that it is not that complicated to manufacture a long distance product, but it is difficult to find the best clarity at this range for some manufacturers. Fortunately, Halo did a great job where so many others fail. It offers an impressive range of up to 1000 yards with reflective objects. If you are unsure of the range, you must know that these types of devices are made for flat terrains which can actually support such long distances. But the good news is that the rangefinder can compensate for some slopes and it can offer you exact readings with its advanced AI technology.

An advanced feature comes with the dusk-dawn readings which are perfect when you plan to use the device in low light situations. This is when so many devices can fail in offering the best readings and you will need to choose a product which is capable of supporting your hunting needs. Halo`s Long Range rangefinder is perfect when you use is in low light situations and can even perform on mild fog.

With the advanced Scan Mode, you will be able to follow multiple targets in your reading area and the good news is that you can thus improve your accuracy by balancing the distance to different objects or subjects.

The accuracy of the rangefinder is also hard to match. With accuracy within the 1-yard mark, you will be well on your way of finding the best performance.


With a water-resistant construction, the rangefinder provides one of the best solutions for those who want to establish a permanent device for all types of weather conditions. There is no need to stop hunting during rain as this may represent the best time for improved results.

The Halo XRAY 1000 Long Range rangefinder comes with an impressive performance. This is the case for both the range capabilities and the accuracy which work together to offer one of the most attractive devices on the market. If you need to cover long distance but don`t want to sacrifice in terms of accuracy control, the XRAY 1000 is one of the top recommended solutions. The good news is that the device will also work in difficult conditions such as early in the morning and even in the rain.


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