Halo XRAY 600 Rangefinder Review

The Halo XRAY 600 is one of the mid-range devices which come with above-average3 versatility and top accuracy. You will be glad to know the device comes with a 600 yards range which is perfect for those who want an average coverage out in the wild. With enough advanced features and a performance to rival even leading devices, the rangefinder manages to offer a pleasant experience which is perfect for most users and most hunting situations.


  • Impressive 1-yard accuracy
  • Above-average advanced technologies
  • Quality construction materials
  • Water resistant
  • Compact design


  • Limited 1-year warranty


The performance of mid-range devices is hard to quantify on the market. This is because while some devices claim to offer good performance, they only offer one characteristic, such as range, as a step above from the entry-level options. But the XRAY 600 is one of the devices which offer good characteristics and impressive performance across the board.

The most impressive characteristic of the rangefinder comes with its impressive 1-yard accuracy. This places it in a select club of rangefinders which are made for the ultimate performance in the wilderness. The rangefinder offers a good alternative for those situations where you need to find the right balance between accuracy and maximum range and this is the case at 600 yards.

With slope measurement, the rangefinder has the capacity of calculating the distance to the target accurately, without needing the perfect flat surface. Another interesting advanced feature comes with the Scan Mode which is perfect when you plan to monitor an area and see the distance to multiple subjects. This may prove useful in situations with multiple subject or objects even against a crowded background.

The 6x magnification lenses will also prove to be more than enough for most situations in different lighting conditions. Thus, you will be able of finding the best solution for situations where you need optical magnification.


The compact design of the rangefinder recommends it for a perfect space-saving solution in the wilderness. If you plan to use it for the whole day, you would benefit from its reduced size which makes it easy to maneuver, even with one hand.

The device comes with a water-resistant construction which is perfect when you need to keep an eye on the subject even in rainy conditions. In these situations, the rangefinder can also benefit from the included nylon case which can further protect it from the elements. But you will still get a limited one-year warranty, even if you decide to use the rangefinder in all types of weather conditions.

The Halo XRAY 600 can represent a good option for the mid-range alternatives or even for users who prefer a performing device which is great with advanced features and accuracy but doesn`t necessarily focus on delivering the most considerable range. If you plan to use it with rainy conditions you can further benefit from its durable and sealed construction. It can be said, that the device encompasses the most popular technologies from Halo in a compact and versatile design.


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