Halo XRAY 800 Long Range Rangefinder Review

Halo`s XRAY 800 Long Range rangefinder comes as one of the top devices from the series. It comes with a range which is close to the maximum performance from the manufacturer. Thus, with 800 covered yards, the device can represent a good option for hunters who need long range coverage with good accuracy. The good news is that the device comes with accuracy within one yard, which makes it one of the best solutions in terms of user requirements. With the added popular advanced technologies from Halo, it represents a solid option for many types of hunting situations.


  • Long range 800 yards accuracy
  • Dusk and down display mode
  • AI technology for slope measurements
  • Included nylon case for protection


  • Could benefit from the improved warranty


The performance of the device is clearly among the best characteristics of the rangefinder. It comes with an amazing range up to 800 yards with reflective targets. This means you`ll have the possibility of closely following you subjects even from a distance which is perfect when the perfect camouflage is required. You will be glad to know the rangefinder also comes with good display regardless of the lighting conditions. Thus, you will be able to make clear readings even at dusk or down.

In terms of terrain management, the best readings are of course made with flat surfaces. But you will be glad to know the rangefinder comes with good performance even on slopes as the device can actually compensate and offer the specific readings you need.

Another interesting feature comes with the Scan Mode which is perfect for multiple targets or simply to get a better perspective on what to expect even hundreds of yards away. If you want to ensure the readings are as good as possible, you`ll need to ensure the Li-Ion battery is fully charged as it will take some time to offer the readings on multiple targets.


The specific design of the rangefinder recommends it for all types of situations as it comes with a robust construction which is even made for all types of weather conditions. Thus, you will be able to use the device in rainy conditions and still achieve accurate results within the one-yard mark.

If you want to further protect your rangefinder you can do so by using the included nylon case. This might also be a good option when you plan to travel and ensure you don`t get any scratches or marks on the rangefinder.

The Halo XRAY 800 Long Range rangefinder offers an interesting balance between performance, accuracy and durability in rainy conditions. It works with distances of up to 800 yards which makes it a recommended alternative for hunters who need long distance performance and the ability to get accurate readings at dusk or dawn. You will also be able to achieve clear results in situations where the terrain would usually not allow you. Thus, you can enjoy accurate results even on slopes while out in the wilderness.


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