Halo XRT6 Rangefinder Review

Halo`s XRT6 rangefinder comes with a covered distance of up to 600 yards. This then represents a good option for the mid-range distance coverage but with all the advanced technologies users have come to enjoy from Halo. This is why you will be glad to know you will have the ability to use the amazing accuracy and top functions of the manufacturer with the XRT6. Even more, you will get a device which comes with a durable construction that is perfect for all types of weather conditions.


  • Good overall package
  • 1-yard accuracy
  • 600 yards range
  • Water resistant body


  • No AI technology for slopes


The performance of the device represents one of the best options for people looking for a guaranteed device within the 600 yards range. This means you can expect to see some amazing results in the mid-range distance section of the market. As fans of Halo know, the manufacturer offers all of its top features with the rangefinders and this can mean you will experience a similar user experience to the top models from the manufacturer. Within the 600 yards range, you can find the device is made to be used by most hunters.

In terms of advanced features, you will get the useful Scan Mode which can represent one of the recommended options for those who are planning to use the device to monitor multiple targets and multiple locations. You will thus get the opportunity to get accurate distances to multiple subjects who are perfect if you plan to use the best techniques for accurate location pinpointing.

With amazing 1-yard accuracy, you will be well on your way of delivering the overall hunting results. This is one of the strong points of Halo and it represents the company`s commitment to high-level performance in the wilderness.


The design of the rangefinder represents a good statement on the quality of the device. The lenses come with 6x optical magnification which is the standard offered by Halo. But the company also offers an interesting perspective for those who want a premium design from a mid-range product. This is why you will be able to enjoy the water-resistant construction in any type of weather conditions. Regardless of your choice for the weather, you will certainly be able to enjoy the compact design of the device which is perfect for all-day use.

The Halo XRT6 rangefinder represents an interesting approach to the mid-range segment by the manufacturer. Although its range is set at a maximum reach of 600 yards, you will still be able to enjoy some advanced features which have made the manufacturer popular. The famous Scan Mode will help you identify multiple targets while the 1-yard accuracy will prove to be one of the most interesting performance indicators for many users who cannot replace top quality results. With an included nylon case, you will get everything you need to use and transport your device which will ensure you`ll be able to use it for a long time.


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