Havalon Piranta Folding Knives Review

The Havalon Piranta Folding Knives is a folding fillet design which comes with a modern look and a good performance in the affordable segment. Its orange handle will immediately stand out from the competition and with black rubber inserts you will have the ability to stabilize the grip and prevent slippage. In terms of usability, the knife comes with a thumb stud for both hands and it also comes with an open back which will make cleaning it easier.


  • Modern design
  • Ambidextrous thumb studs
  • Open back
  • Great for dressing, skinning and caping


  • Sharpening can be a challenge


The dressing, skinning and caping knife come with multiple blades. This makes it a good option for long-term use and it limits it to home users. This is due to the fact that commercial users such as chefs, will require a more permanent solution. But the knife performs well on the most important features. If you don`t mind the limited range of the sharpening with the replaceable blade, then you can enjoy a lightweight and modern knife both in the wilderness and at home.

The pointed blade will also work for finer work where you need to be careful about the details. This will be easy to do as the knife comes with a weight of just 4 ounces which makes it perfect for a wide range of uses.


The lightweight design of the knife recommends it as one of the top choices on the market in a segment where users rarely see any real innovation. With its ingenious design, the knife will work for most users at home or in the wilderness.

Since it will be used for the finer details, the knife is perfect when you try to maintain it as well. This is why the manufacturer opted for the open back design. This allows you to easily clean the knife and maintain it bacteria-free for the next use. Its bright orange design will make it highly visible and it will immediately stand out from your other knives.

Some people tend to avoid replacing the blades in order to prolong their lives. This is when they tray sharpening them with a stone. Although this is possible with some practice, it is not really recommended by the manufacturer and it also defeats the purpose of the knife. This is why you need to ensure you are comfortable with the replacement system before the purchase.

The Havalon Piranta Folding Knives comes with a distinctive look and an interesting performance. The knife is based on the replacement blades system which is easy to use and it also increases practicality. While it can be used in commercial environments like restaurant kitchens, it is really made for the home user who needs the added practicality of not having to maintain the blades. With a bright handle the knife will be easily visible on the ground outdoors. And this is the best environment to use the knife it at its fullest potential.


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