Horton Legend Ultra Lite Crossbow Review

The Horton Legend Ultra Lite Crossbow comes with the impressive ABX technology and a lightweight construction that defines the brand among the favorites in the industry. The ultra-lightweight design will work for added maneuverability and the ultimate performance. This is partly based on the carbon insertions. Thus, the crossbow comes with the carbon injected polymer barrel for a custom handling that recommends it among the favorites in the lightweight market.


  • 8lbs
  • Carbon insertions
  • ABX technology
  • Good accessory pack


  • 21-inch axle to axle


Looking forward to work with an ultra-weight option from Horton you will be pleasantly surprised by the Legend Ultra Lite. This is due to its impressive ultra-lightweight design which measures just 6.8lbs making it one of the most maneuverable crossbows on the market. With such a high standard to follow, the manufacturer also added a great performance to couple the high-tech design. This is where the carbon injected polymer barrel will show its full potential.

The ABX technology will sit among the most attractive characteristics of the crossbow. The Adjustable Bullup Crossbow comes with the best eye-level alignment and even the perfect length of pull. To achieve this, you will have to follow the same typical Horton procedure of removing the screws and sliding the butt plate into the 7 check or the 3 butt plate into its position.


As you may already expect from this quality ABX series, you will also get a solid pack of accessories together with the lightweight and durable design. This is where the crossbow will show its full potential and in time, it will maintain its characteristics. The high standard is thus also followed with the accessories. The up to date scope which will allow you to choose between the ACUdraw and ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanisms will be included. Together with it, you will also get the standard offerings of the 3-arrow quiver and the 3 carbon arrows pack which will make your purchase that much more interesting.

The Horton Legend Ultra Lite Crossbow is one of the simplest and best solutions when it comes to maximizing the performance and taking it to the next level in all essential departments. The innovation department is ensured by the ABX technology which has been so well received in the series. The design department is met with the lightweight performer of just under 7 pounds which continues to impress to this day. Even more, the accessories department will also come with a premium orientation. You will receive tour cope and the choice of cocking mechanisms. Together with them, you will also receive the 3-arrow quiver and the 3 carbon arrows you may be expecting from Horton to test your new crossbow. This attention to detail recommends the crossbow among the lightest options on the market. As for Horton, the manufacturer will be highly praised by many users as it will make its way along the most recognized lightweight solutions on the market at this time.


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