How Long Do Trail Camera Batteries Last? Game Cam Battery Life

No matter if you only have one trail camera, or you have more trail cameras than you can remember, chances are that you want to make sure and get as much as possible out of the batteries that are powering them.  Which, the longer the batteries last, the more photos and videos you will get, as well as the more money you will save. In fact, it is estimated that trail camera users go through roughly 50 million batteries each and every single year.  That means if you were to lay out all of the used up trail camera batteries, they would cover every inch of a farm with 100 acres of land. Talk about using a lot of batteries.

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When it does come to trail camera batteries, how long they will last depends on several different factors.  Are you taking just photos, videos or both? Are you using a timed interval mode? These are just a couple of the questions when it comes to figuring out how long trail camera batteries are going to last.

Since most of the trail cameras on the market utilize AA batteries, we will use pretend that is what is powering your trail camera as well.  When it does come to AA batteries for powering your trail camera, there are 3 types that you can use.

Types of AA Batteries to Power Your Trail Camera

The first type of AA battery is going to be your standard alkaline.  These are not only the most common battery available on the market for trail cameras, but they are usually pretty affordable as well.  These standard alkaline batteries are very easy to find and can be purchased from most stores, gas stations, and any place that sells anything.  Unfortunately, these batteries do have a shorter lifespan and you can expect anywhere between 7-9,000 photos at best.

Next up are the NiMH rechargeable batteries.  While they do cost a bit more, they make their money back after about the third recharge.  However, these batteries are not compatible with every trail camera but can be recharged about 1,000 times before needing to be replaced.

Lastly, you have lithium batteries.  While these are the most expensive batteries you can get, they are extremely high performance and work great with trail cameras.  On top of that, they do have the longest lifespan and will last roughly 3 times longer than alkaline batteries, and about 50% than the NiMH rechargeable ones.  But again, these batteries are going to cost you a bit more upfront than the other choices.


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