Irish Setter Vaprtrek Hunting Boots Review

The Irish Setter Vaprtrek Hunting Boot comes with an early season design. Its waterproof lightweight design recommends it for many types of situations where you need solid protection and the added comfort of a warm boot as the weather starts to get colder. Made with ScentBan scent control technology, it represents a great option when it comes to a modern design which repels odors and which can be used for an entire day in the wild.


  • RealTree camouflage
  • ScentBan technology
  • RPM weight management


  • Not best for mid-season

The boots come as one of the recommended solutions when deciding to use a modern approach which can control a few basic variables. The ScentBan is a great addition when it comes to controlling odors, especially if you plan on using the boots intensely.

One of the unique characteristics of the boots comes with the RPM weight management system. It basically reduces the overall weight of the boots without sacrificing traction and ruggedness. The outsole is designed specifically to tackle various terrains and from the heel to the toes, it will even be able to handle stepping on branches.


When it comes to design, the boots are just as good as you would expect as they are dominated by the RealTree camouflage. This gives them a great look and feel when it comes to design. But most importantly, they feature the UltraDry technology which comes with proven characteristics for keeping water out. This thus means that you will also be able to use them on rain, giving you more control and a better approach to any situation since you will have the confidence your feet will stay dry.

However, their design does not recommend them for mid-season or very cold days. Since they are geared towards the lightweight design, they will represent a great solution when it comes to the beginning of the season as they will not be able to come with full comfort in very low temperatures.

At the same time, the boots are a great choice for the mobile users who tend to cover large distance. Their reduced weight proves they manage to offer this approach and with the ScentBan design, they will cover any type of odor-repealing needs.

The Irish Setter Vaprtrek Hunting Boot is a great design when it comes to the lightweight options. It impresses with the RPM design which manages to reduce the overall weight of the boots and gives them the added agility you need in certain situations. But the design still allows you to tackle the harsh terrains out in the wilderness as it represents a great solution when it comes to odor management. Even more, the fact that their design allows you to safely use the boots during rain can only come as a major plus for the users who simply don’t want to spend the bulk of their outdoor adventures on perfect weather. With a RealTree camo, they are a great solution for any type of environment.


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