The Leupold Bx-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42mm comes with impressive calcium–fluoride HD lenses. It manages to deliver impressive optics with one of the best compact bodies from the manufacturer. The open-bridge design is one of the top solutions when it comes to a reduced weight. Even more, it will prove to be a great solution when looking for a reduced glare. The optics and the coating of the binocular come with up to 50% glare reduction for a comfortable user experience.


  • Calcium-fluoride HD lenses
  • Open-bridge design
  • 50% glare reduction
  • Adjustable diopter


  • No instruction on how to adjust diopter

The binocular comes with one of the most balanced approaches on the market. Leupold is one of the most respected manufacturers in the optics industry and it creates one of the best systems when it comes to optics. This is why the binocular proves to be a top solution when it comes to a modern design. Even more, it manages to deliver an impressive calcium-fluoride HD experience which is recommended for clear images with enhanced and superior HD resolution.

When it comes to diopter adjustment, the binocular will also have this functionality for the ultimate customization. While there are no instructions on how to adjust them, it will be a short learning curve to fully master its potential. The binocular comes with the Twilight Max technology as well. This technology has a major role when it comes to low-light performance and this is why it will represent a solid option for users in all types of conditions, even with the long evenings or morning spent out hunting or hiking.


The open-bridge design recommends the binocular for a great performance. It will prove to be a great solution when working with a design which doesn’t need any special recommendations when it comes to a robust build. With 16mm eye relief, it will prove to be a great solution when it comes to added versatility and comfort for the average user with an affordable price. As a well-balanced mid-range solution, it manages to offer impressive overall performance with a grip that makes it impossible for the binocular to slip.

The Leupold Bx-4 Pro Guide HH 10x42mm is an impressive and well-balanced performer. With 10X magnification and 42mm lenses, it will prove to be a solid performer which is hard to match within its range. Even more, the open-bridge design recommends it for a compact and lightweight solution and this is why it will represent a fantastic opportunity when it comes to a modern approach. The unique calcium-fluoride HD lenses will also recommend it for a lifelike clarity. This thus means that you will have the ability to enjoy one of the best high definition approaches in one of the most compact and practical bodies on the market. This will put it in a special position which fans of Leupold know it belongs. Practically, it can even be considered as the best future-proof option in its class.


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