Leupold Full Draw2 with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder Review

The Leupold Full Draw2 with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder comes with a maximum range of 850 yards. The device is impressively compact and can represent a solid option if you are trying to save space and improve your overall weight of the hunting equipment you take in the wilderness. You will also find the device is perfect if you plan to keep it in easy reach in a front pocket. The device also comes with a black LCD display to show the readings.


  • 850 yards range
  • Angle Compensation up to 175 yards
  • Last Target Priority Mode
  • Scan Mode


  • 4x magnification


The performance of the device is among the top characteristics which make it one of the recommended options for general and niche needs out hunting. You will immediately notice that the 850 yards range is in-between the entry-level alternatives and the top range models. But have an intermediate design means you`ll also get some advanced features which will make your life easier in the wilderness. One of these features is the Angle Compensation function which works with most terrains. But you will be limited to your results in the range of up to 175 yards.

Another advanced function comes with the Last Target Priority Mode. This can be a good mode for some specific situations. For exempla, bow hunters will be glad to know this function can help them interpret the shots through branches or leaves. But the great news is that this function can be switched on and off, results in more control over your experience and a much more advanced-oriented device.

Another advanced function comes with the Scan Mode which is perfect if you plan to go through multiple targets such as animal or trees. This will give you a clear understanding of your surroundings and can be a great assistant in perfecting your hunting skills.


The compact design of the rangefinder is what makes it truly special. While there are many options to choose from, not many come with a design which is truly made for ease of use, even in pockets.

As you might expect from a top manufacturer such as Leupold, the rangefinder comes with some of the simplest yet most effective designs. This is why you will be happy to learn that the device comes with a waterproof construction which is perfect in case you need to use it in rainy conditions. And since not even bad weather conditions can stop the dedicated hunter, the device can represent a good option for users of all levels.

The Leupold Full Draw2 with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder comes with one of the easiest users experiences on the market. While it doesn`t have the best design to appeal to all users, it will work best for people who need to save space and who don`t like bulky devices. But even with a compact design, the rangefinder can represent a top solution for all types of users.


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