Leupold Vendetta 2 Archery Rangefinder Review

The Leupold Vendetta 2 Archery rangefinder is one of the dedicated solutions for result maximization out in the wilderness. Archers know the importance of accuracy and having clear data available to make the perfect shot and this is where the rangefinder comes into place. It comes with a maximum range of 75 yards which is interpreted on the modern LED display which is known for accurate image representation. Advanced functions of the rangefinder include the scan mode and the slope compensation function.


  • 75 yards range
  • LED display technology
  • Reduced weight


  • Durability needs improving


The rangefinder represents one of the best options for people looking to maximize the results in the wilderness. It comes to offer precise data which aims at improving your accuracy and even help you plan the shot according to complex scanning.

The rangefinder can cover distances of up to 75 yards and it will require a minimum distance of 10 yards to make a reading. If you are hunting against a busy background you know that many devices can struggle to lock to subjects and this is why the device is a helpful tool. It comes to interpret some of the required data beyond the classic distance estimation. It can determine the distance to multiple targets.

To launch this function you will need to press and hold the trigger button for 3 seconds. The bad news is that the reading will take 40 seconds to complete. The good news is that during the reading the device is capable of adjusting the reading on the go. This will also involve moving subjects which is one of the strengths of the device.


The design of the rangefinder is one of its mains strengths but at the same time it lacks the protection needed for the ultimate durability. On one hand, it comes with the waterproof design which is perfect to use in any weather conditions. And since it comes with this protection it can represent a good option for the dedicated hunters who will not stop at the first sign of rain. But at the same time, this type of hunter will also need some extra features such as better shock protection as the device would be taken to greater lengths than with the beginner hunter.

The Leupold Vendetta 2 Archery rangefinder is one of the main options for archers who want to improve accuracy in the wilderness. With multiple scan modes, the device can represent a good option for people looking to maximize the results even in dense environments. The good news is that this is also a good opportunity to get to know some advanced functions such as terrain and angle compensation which comes with the scan mode. The only downfall of the system is the fact that is will require 40 seconds to make a complete reading which means some of the final results might not be usable, especially with fast moving subjects.


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