Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang On Review

The Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang On Tree Stand is a lightweight alternative to the complex tree stands with steps. The stand comes with a simple design which can be practically mounted on any tree with a diameter up to 22”. The comfort of the tree stand is ensured by the thickly padded seat which will be a great choice if you plan to sit for hours waiting for your target animal. With a spacious foot platform, you can even stand and stretch your legs on those long hunting sessions.


  • Comfortable padded seat
  • 14 pounds weight
  • 3D camo platform design
  • Backpack straps
  • Cast aluminum platform


  • No accessories hook


The tree stand can represent a solid alternative to the complex options with steps and a high mounting point. But the design of the stand recommends it for those who value comfort and can place the exact emphasis on what is important on long hunting sessions. Since you will be spending at least a few hours outside, you want to ensure you get a comfortable seat and this is what the Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II provides.

The stand also comes with a smart 3D camo platform design. The smart combination between a modern design and good feet support is essential. With simple straps and a 6-point mounting mechanism, the stand can represent a great option if you are planning a lightweight hunting experience. You can even take the stand back home once the hunting session is over.

It would be a great addition if the stand came with some drink or accessories holders, but this limits the overall weight of the product. This is why it comes with a weight of just 14 pounds which makes it a good choice for every type of hunter who doesn`t want to carry a heavy stand. It can also be a good option if you have back problems as you should not be lifting heavy objects.

The Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang On Tree Stand represents a good option for those who value comfort in a lightweight design. You can immediately notice the comfortable seat which is made with foam to support your body for a few hours at a time. The cast aluminum construction makes the stand a good option if you are planning to use it long term.

The material is known for its durability and lightweight feel and this is why it represents a better alternative to some other stands which are made from steel. The good news is that the compact stand can even be mounted in different locations while out hunting since it comes with such a reduced weight. But it can also be a good option if you need more than one stand and use multiple hunting locations. This way, you will have an easy mounting option which will reduce the total time needed to set up multiple stands. With a comfortable design, the stand represents a good option for hunters who need a lightweight design.


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