Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 Review

The Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 comes with an innovative design and premium comfort. You will immediately notice that the stand comes with an extra thick padding on the seat which makes it a great option for hunters who value a premium seat with such a lightweight design. The stand comes with the 14 pound weight which can be considered a staple of Lone Wolf and it represents a great option for those hunters who need to maximize independence outside. This can only be done with a reduced weight and this is why the stand can be a great combination between maximum independence and a comfortable design.


  • Extra-thick foam seat
  • Backpack straps
  • Accepts Offset bracket
  • Accepts Versa-button


  • The seat should be kept away from rain


The stand can be considered a great option for those who value a premium seat. This is the first thing you will notice about the stand and it is also among the top features hunters look for in a good stand. This is why you should consider the extra-thick seat to be a good option to maximize comfort out in the wild. The good news is that the extra padding doesn`t necessarily mean an increased weight.

This is why the stand only weighs 14 pounds. This is basically possible due to the aluminum construction of the foot platform and on the stand itself. Since the material is lighter than iron it can be used in such lightweight design. Of course, this doesn`t need to bring a weight capacity compromise.

This is why the stand holds up really well even in this department. It can handle users of up to 300 pounds, making the stand a great option for the type of long-distance hunting which will take you further and further from your car. Eventually, you will notice that the design is perfectly made for longer walks and can also bring comfort in areas you would not expect to find it in.

The stand also comes with backpack straps which will enhance your long distance efforts. With such a simple and effective design you will also be glad to know the stand is quite stable as it comes with the tested 6-point Fall Arrest System. The design also features the self-leveling platform which will be easy to use right after you mount the stand.

The good news is that the tree stand can also accept some accessories. Hunters will be happy to know they can user E-Z Hang Hook accessories as well as Versa-button and offset brackets as well. This makes the stand a versatile option in terms of accessories from the manufacturer. But you will have to purchase these accessories separately.

The tree stand represents a good option if you are looking to maximize comfort without compromising on the lightweight design. It is the perfect option if you want to carry a stand and bring comfort with you even to the most remote locations.


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